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Footage from the first Apache strikes of Operation Desert Storm — one of the biggest military triumphs in US history

On January 17, 1991, seven months after Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein invaded and tried to annex neighboring Kuwait, the world decided it had enough. Operation Desert Storm was launched that day, and Saddam was smacked down by a coalition of 39 countries.<p>Conducting this epic assault required …

Volcano Erupts in Chile: Pictures

San Francisco Bay Area

Evidence of liquid water found on Mars

<b>Nasa's Curiosity rover has found that water can exist as a liquid near the Martian surface.</b><p>Mars should be too cold to support liquid water at the surface, but salts in the soil lower its freezing point - allowing briny films to form.<p>The results lend credence to a theory that dark streaks seen on …

The Best Places To Play Pac-Man On Google Maps [Updated]

For April’s Fools Day this year Google has done something clever even by that company’s standards: They’ve given players the ability to play Pac-Man on any map anywhere in the world at the click of a button.<p>“Welcome, Player 1!” Google writes on the game’s webpage. “You can now play the classic …