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Breathalysers get smarter

Our pick of the week’s science and tech stories, including personalised drinking apps, China and intellectual property, and whether life has a purpose.<p>Breathalysers of the future<br>Travis Andrews | Atlantic | 27 June 2013<br>They used to be fearsome things wielded by the police. Now they are slick pieces …

Intellectual Property

Does chewing gum take seven years to digest?

As children we’re told not to swallow gum, because it will lie in your stomach for ages. Claudia Hammond chews over the evidence to find out if this is true.<p>Imagine if you swallowed a piece of gum in the summer of 2006. George W Bush was still in the White House. Twitter had yet to be launched. …


Do you lose most heat from your head?

To wear, or not to wear, a hat when it is cold? Claudia Hammond trawls through studies plunging people into freezing water and seeing what Patagonian locals do. To wear, or not to wear, a hat when cold<p>We were told we must not capsize at all costs. If we did, we would have only seconds to get out of …

National Parks

What makes us extroverts and introverts?

Why do some people prefer adventure and the company of others, while others favour being alone? It’s all to do with how your brain processes rewards.<p>Will you spend Saturday night in a crowded bar, or curled up with a good book? Is your ideal holiday adventure sports with a large group of mates and, …


Does sugar make children hyperactive?

Dread birthday parties because of the effect cakes and drinks will have on your child? Evidence shows this actually affects parents’ behaviour, not the child’s.<p>Many of us have watched children arrive at a party as reasonable, polite human beings, eat copious amounts of cakes and sweets and then …

Google Glass

How long can you go without sleep?

There is no doubt that shut-eye is essential for humans. But how much do you need, what is it for and what happens if you don’t get enough?<p>James May delves into the mysteries that still surround a good night’s sleep.<p><i>For more videos subscribe to the Head Squeeze channel on YouTube.</i>


Is age the cause of receding gums?

What’s true for horses may not be true for us, as Claudia Hammond explains. And watch the video above to discover what happens if you don't brush your teeth for a week.<p>The phrase “long in the tooth” comes from the practice of gauging a horse’s age by the length of its teeth. Nineteenth century …

Dental Care

Artificial food: Incredible or inedible?

After the first lab-grown burger, what else might we be making a meal of decades from now? Science fiction offers some clues – some bland, others grisly.<p>Pass the salt. And the pepper. And while you’re at it, the ketchup too.<p>They said it politely, but these were among the reactions of the two expert …

Star Trek

How drugs really get their names

Our pick of the week’s science and tech stories, including why we’re not going to get pilotless planes and what London Underground stations taste like.<p>Cancer’s primeval power<br>George Johnson | Bloomberg | 29 August 2013<br>Cancer is older than humanity, and smarter too, in many ways. Earliest known …

Immune System

The vaccine patch that makes painful jabs obsolete

Getting immunised against life-threatening diseases often means being pricked with a needle – even though it’s not the best method. Mark Kendall’s plan? A nanopatch that fires vaccines into the skin.<p>Vaccines have allowed humanity to deal with some of nature’s worst infectious diseases – letting our …

Immune System

Does milk settle an upset stomach?

When you’re feeling too ill to eat, is the best cure a soothing glass of milk? Claudia Hammond explains why this might do the opposite, and make you feel worse.<p>When you’re feeling too ill to eat, or have indigestion, what could be better than a gentle, thick glass of milk to settle your stomach? …

Alternative Medicine

Drug addiction: The complex truth

We’re told studies have proven that drugs like heroin and cocaine instantly hook a user. But it isn’t that simple – a set of little-known experiments carried out over 30 years ago tells a very different tale.<p>Drugs are scary. The words “heroin” and “cocaine” make people flinch. It's not just the …

Drug Addiction

What causes a beer belly?

We know beer is pretty calorific, as are the snacks we crave to accompany it. But why does it specifically affect men’s guts? Greg Foot explains all.<p>When you drink beer, your liver has to go into overdrive to detoxify the alcohol. Now add a few packets of crisps to the equation, maybe some peanuts …


Stopping HIV transmission from mothers to children

Preventing the transmission of HIV from mother to child could be the first step to an Aids-free generation. Singer Annie Lennox and husband Mitch Besser are leading the fight to stop the disease being passed on.<p>Thirty years after the disease became a health crisis, the prospect of a generation …

Public Health

Do special running shoes help prevent foot injury?

Trainers designed to cushion feet and raise heels reduce problems, we’re told. But is it true? Claudia Hammond discovers the evidence is not quite so clear-cut.<p>If, like me, you run regularly enough to use customised trainers, the fun of choosing new ones can be outweighed by the embarrassment of …


Can a bang on the head cure amnesia?

It’s a mainstay of movies: memory loss caused by a strike to the head can be cured by another strike. Is this the same in real life? Claudia Hammond finds out.<p>Kermit the frog is hit by a taxi. He no longer recognises friends or even remembers his own name. When he later mocks the idea of a pig and …

The Brain