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2,973 Flips | 2 Magazines | 7 Likes | 33 Following | 102 Followers | @KrisOsborn | Kris Osborn is a career journalist, former Army civilian and military expert who serves currently as Managing Editor of Warrior Maven - a military weapons and emerging technology site for news reports and analysis.Warrior Maven reaches millions with cutting edge weapons, technology and military strategy content. The site regularly features intvs with US military leaders, weapons developers, analysts and military experts. Osborn also served as the Land War reporter for Defense News, and spent more than a decade as a TV news correspondent, anchor and military specialist. He was an anchor and military specialist at CNN Headline News, CNN Correspondent (at Pentagon for a bit) and Fox News Correspondent. In more recent years, Osborn regularly appeared as an expert military guest on MSNBC, The Military Channel, The History Channel and Fox News.

Military-specific Content - Warrior Maven


Nazis Attack US Battleships: Operation Neptune - US Navy D-Day Omaha Invasion - Warrior Maven

D Day

Military-specific Content - Warrior Maven

Vietnam infantry soldier Bill Caywood hung on a thin boundary between life and death, trying to contain bleeding


Military-specific Content - Warrior Maven

World History

Military-specific Content - Warrior Maven

Military Aircraft

Military-specific Content - Warrior Maven

The Third Reich’s Giant Electric Submarine Fail


Military-specific Content - Warrior Maven


Masters of the Battlefield: The Five Greatest U.S. Generals in History - Warrior Maven

WWII: Marine Raider's Victory at Battle of Edson's Ridge - Warrior Maven

World War II

Is the Navy's Best Submarine in Danger of Becoming Obsolete? - Warrior Maven


Military-specific Content - Warrior Maven

North Korea

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Global Security News & Analysis Will Cover Security, Counterterrorism, International Relations & Emerging Tech/Strategy


Iran vs. America: Just How Bad a War Could Get

Iran would enjoy a range of options to respond to the U,S. attacks


Army M24 Sniper Rifle Technical Analysis - What Did it Do in Combat? - Warrior Maven


Special Future Analysis: The Russian Military in 2030? The Threat? - Warrior Maven

A lagging Russian economy throughout the 1990s and 2000s kept defense spending low.

Russian Military

The Navy Has Big Plans To Defend the Fleet From Missile Attacks - Warrior Maven


Stealth, Carriers & Subs Are Obsolete? - Warrior Maven


Russia's New Submarine: Stealthy, Loaded with Cruise Missiles and Hypersonics

Adds hypersonic weapons, increased automation and robotic integration, and reduced acoustic signature


Video Analysis: Reasons for US & China War Tensions in South China Sea - Warrior Maven


Navy Pursues New Long-Range, Stealthy & Precise Mk 48 Heavyweight Attack Torpedo

Navy weapons developers are seeking a high-tech, longer range and more lethal submarine-launched heavyweight Mk 48


Russia's Su-25 Is Moscow's Very Own 'A-10' Style Tank Killer - Warrior Maven


1,700 Planes Ready for War: Everything You Need To Know About China's Air Force - Warrior Maven


New Report Says China's J-20 Cannot Match F-22, F-35 - Warrior Maven

China depicts J-20 as a competitor to America’s fifth-generation jets, the F-22 and F-35. But a new report casts doubt


The Hunt for Nazi Germany's Top Secret Ballistic Missile Sub - Warrior Maven

Ballistic Missile

Russia and India Had Big Plans to Build a Stealth Fighter. So What Happened? - Warrior Maven

Stealth Aircraft

The Silent Farmer: Decorated Soldier of WWII Finally Awarded Medal of Honor - Warrior Maven

Medal of Honor

Super Glue Built Planes, Nukes and Saved Soldiers’ Lives - Warrior Maven


Air War: Air Force F-15C vs. Russia's Deadly Su-57 - Warrior Maven


How a Very Deadly Submarine Did the Unthinkable to Japan During World War II - Warrior Maven

World War II

How Effective Are Russian S-400 Air Defenses Against US Stealth - F-22, F-35 - Warrior Maven