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There’s a simple technique you can use to turn your emotional baggage into dating success

It may seem that new relationships are entirely fueled by dreams and hopes for a perfect future. But the past can have a powerful influence too—often more so than we would like to admit. The “emotional baggage” that we bring from the past can mean that we sometimes pick a partner who’s not quite …


A new front in the assault on women’s freedom: Anti-choice activists now going after birth control

Under Trump and a GOP Congress, anti-choice activists don’t need elaborate excuses to go after contraception<p>Most conservatives are masters of the bad-faith argument, but none so more than anti-choice activists. For decades now, anti-choicers have perfected the art of concealing their hostility to …


This Photo Project Is Redefining What Mental Illness Looks Like

The collection of free stock photos shows people dealing with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder—without cowering in their bathrobes.<p>A woman with sad eyes gazes at her reflection in a shattered mirror. A man pinches the bridge of his nose, his eyes closed and head bowed. A teenager sits on …

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Donald Trump’s Deranged Election Conspiracy Now Includes the Living Dead

Legions of deceased voters are central to Trump’s claim that the election is being “rigged” against him.<p>As <b>Hillary Clinton’s</b> edge in the polls has widened, so too has the scope of the shadowy cabal that <b>Donald Trump</b> alleges is conspiring against him. At rallies and campaign stops in recent weeks, …

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Book Review - Liar: A Memoir, Rob Roberge Review | Shopswell

Liar: A Memoir - Rob Roberge<p>share<p>$17.68<p>Buy from Amazon<p>Snippets of time and memories that don't align make up the content of <i>Liar.</i> Roberge writes as …

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Becoming More Prevalent | MSD

From Dr. Mercola:<p>According to research1 published in 2015, anxiety (characterized by constant and overwhelming worry and fear) is becoming …

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6 Stoic Rituals That Will Make You Happy

<i>This post originally appeared on</i><p>People have enormous respect for ancient wisdom. They just don’t read it. Funny thing is, we’re more …


What Is Emotional Intelligence? Not What You Think It Is

What is emotional intelligence, really? My answer may surprise you.<p>What is emotional intelligence, really?<p>As an author, the topic of emotional intelligence has become my primary area of research and writing. To date, I've written over 60 articles about EQ. (It's also the topic of my forthcoming …

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'You're the Worst' Keeps Getting Mental Illness Right

The popular show about misanthropic narcissists understands mental illness in a way that most television shows don't.<p>Last season, <i>You're the Worst</i> aired what was possibly the best depiction of clinical depression on television through a multi-episode, still-ongoing plot. The storyline was a jarring …

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Gary Johnson can’t name a single foreign leader. Can we stop pretending he’s a real alternative now?

The Libertarian nominee can’t name a foreign leader but has a dangerous agenda and can tip the election<p>As we hit the final stretch of the most incredible presidential campaign in modern memory, it appears that third-party candidates may end up being more consequential than they've been since Green …


Student charged after wearing gorilla mask to Black Lives Matter protest

A white student at East Tennessee State University has been charged with civil rights intimidation after attending a Black Lives Matter demonstration wearing a gorilla mask, and carrying bananas tied with a noose.<p>Freshman Tristan Rettke was escorted away from scene by university safety officers, …

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10 Indirect Things We Get Judged On -- How Do You Shape up?

Every day, and in every way, we consciously and unconsciously analyze everything about everyone. This is part of being social; it is part survival; and it is how we size people up to establish some level of predictability about who and how people are. This is a natural and nonstop process we …


David Gilmour - Comfortably Numb (featuring Benedict Cumberbatch)

David Gilmour