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2 weeks until #brightonmodularmeet .... slowly getting there with the new set .... . . . #livetechno #darktechno #modulartechno #hardwareonly #techno #ebcidic #industrialtechno #industrialambientdrone

Wish I Was on the Same Page


Double General CV, double danger. #eurorack #modularsynth #generalcv #expertsleepers #drone #distortion

Surfing slippery sine waves 🌊 🏄

verbos harmonic oscillator #03 natural gate


Modular Synth and Elektron Jam 5/17/18

Experimenting with the @twohpmodular DIV (clock divider / multiplier) getting some cool ratcheting poly rhythms out of it! A very nice addition to my live case. #modularsynthesis #2hp #polyrhythm

0-coast Beauty | a single note for 10 mins | ambient jam #01| PO-20 | funktree

Piston Honda III 2

March of the Broken Toys (Eurorack weirdness)

Modular Synth Improvisation Live 044

@wmdevices Making some slow mutant crushing Snares with Fracture 😮

Spindle // Eurorack Modular Ambient

Spirits Of The Temple Electric - Intruder At The Gates

Modular Cafe Phase 27 Kuro+Bucketbd

Disastrous Drone | Feat. Mutable Instruments Rings, Clouds, Peaks, Veils & Shades



Modular Synth Improvisation Live 034

Kick, Snare & @n0te_ are a match made in heaven🌥✨ #2hp #eurorack #modularsynth

noCore SR023XY!

<b>Profile description of noCore:</b><p>noCore encapsulates an ongoing evolution of sonic exploration creating eclectic and emotive aural environments.

Synth City - Patches 02 - 4ms Tapographic Delay


Powwow Spotlight: Doravideo

Powwow Spotlight: Alessandro Bonino


Concerto per moduli

Bana Haffar performs live with Moog DFAM and explains her modular set-up


Baptism | Rings, Clouds Looping Delay, Field Recordings


SSSR Labs - SM630 AWS / Alisa 1377 Waveshaper

Live Modular Synth Performance "The Canyon" by POB


Molten Modular 16 - Erica Synths Black VCO and Expander Review