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I Played ‘Pokémon GO’!!! [APP]

Rating- Wait for it.<p>Rating(Update)-Are you still playing it?<p>YES people. This is legit! No click bait here.. Last year they announced Pokémon GO with …


Rush Fight [APP]

Rating- 4 Ketchups<p>Remember the app which I suggested a while back that goes with the name GI Joe Strike? This game is very much similar to that in …

Play Store

Chronicle (2012) [Movie]

<i>Grandma used to say, “Nothing good happens after 1:00 a.m.”</i><p>Rating- 3.5 Ketchups<p>At some point of time we all wished for superpowers in our life, for …



Rating- 4.5 Ketchups<p>I just installed this app and couldn’t resist myself writing about it. This face filter app is funny as hell. It is well …


Alto’s Adventure [APP]

Rating- 4 Ketchups<p><i>‘Serene’</i> is the word that comes to my mind while playing this game. The gameplay and music is so relaxing that it will make you …


HomeUX [APP]

Rating- 4 Ketchups<p>If you’re the person who often gets bored with their phone and look for home screen replacements then this is a must try for you. …


WON – Wake On Notification [APP]

Rating -4 Ketchups<p>Give your power button a little rest next time when you receive any notification. With this superb app you don’t have to turn your …


Slash Keyboard [APP]

Rating -4 Ketchups<p>If you’re bored of your stock android keyboard then try this, you’ll love it if you’re a fan of minimalist and clean design. The …


QuizUp [APP]

Rating-3 Ketchups<p>There have been many times when you and your friend might argue on who is the biggest fan of a particular movie franchise. Or for …


Onefootball – Pure Soccer![APP]

Rating-4.5 Ketchups<p>Being a football fan in different time zone is tough. You’ve to stay up till mid night or wake up early morning to catch a match …


Starific – Endless Reactor [APP]

Rating -3.5 Ketchups<p>I am always into trying new apps and I must say this game has potential to stand out in the crowd. Play the endless reactor …


G.I. Joe: Strike [APP]

Rating-3.5 Ketchups<p>In this game you will play as a soldier and will face enemies from sides. In order to kill them you’ve to tap on either side. Game …

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Color Switch [APP]

Rating -3 Ketchups<p>This app is gaining a lot of popularity recently. Genre is same old never ending arcade. It has 3 different modes to try …


Need for Speed: The Run [Video Game]

Rating -4.5 Ketchups<p>I know this is coming 4 years late but hear me out because there’s still a lot of folks who haven’t played this fabulous game. …


NBA 2K16 [Video Game]

Rating-3.5 Ketchups<p>Whenever a new sports game is released a little part of me prays to god “Please don’t Suck” because over the years except FIFA no …


Lego Marvel’s Avengers [Video Game]

Rating-2.5 Ketchups<p>Lego Avengers was my first Lego game as after hearing a lot about them, I thought of giving it a try. This game is basically a …


Ryse: Son of Rome [Video Game]

Rating -4 Ketchups<p>Okay, So you’ve watched Lord of the Rings or Spartacus or Gladiator and a rush of blood is flowing through your veins to fight an …

The Lord of the Rings

Office Space (1999) [Movie]

<i>A hypnotised employee is a dangerous employee.</i><p>Rating- 3.5 Ketchups<p><i>RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU HATE YOUR JOB</i>…OKAY ! You can put it down now. Let’s discuss …

The Workplace

The Croods (2013) [Movie]

<i>Only if she had an iPhone, she would’ve never left the cave.</i><p>Rating -4 Ketchups<p>Hallelujah folks, Let’s rewind our timeline for a while, mom, cats, …


The Internship (2013) [Movie]

<i>Legend says they work for Microsoft now.</i><p>Rating-3 Ketchups<p>Here it is, your dream of experiencing an internship at Google or your fantasies of watching …

Silicon Valley

No Escape (2015) [Movie]

<i>Don’t fall for it , it can be a trap.</i><p>Rating-3 Ketchups<p>No Escape is all about how shit goes down when an American Engineer (Owen Wilson) along with …


Ant-Man (2015) [Movie]

<i>Big things comes in small sizes too.</i><p>Rating-3.5 Ketchups<p>After a blinded superhero, I present you a hero who shrinks in size. <b>ANT-MAN</b>. At long last …


Ex Machina (2015) [Movie]

<i>Siri captured in a body, calamity guaranteed.</i><p>Rating-4 Ketchups<p>Ever cared about Artificial Intelligence? I’m pretty sure you think of it as a mean to …

Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014) [Movie]

<i>Animation, Physics, Wit & Insightful Comedy</i><p>Rating-4 Ketchups<p>Need I go on ? I think I have created enough buzz for you to watch this movie. To give a …


Into the Wild (2007) [Movie]

<i>He should’ve called for an Uber.</i><p>Rating- 4 Ketchups<p>Based on a real life story, this movie is about a guy who just after graduating college abandons …


Farewell Dear Ghost- Fire [Music]

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Johnny Flynn – In April [Music]

Simple Plan- I Can Wait Forever [Music]

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Kasey Chambers – The Captain [Music]

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Hozier – Jackie And Wilson [Music]

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