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The Earth just permanently passed a symbolic carbon dioxide threshold

In the centuries to come, history books will likely look back on September 2016 as a major milestone for the world’s climate. At a time when …

Now — And The Physics Of Time

Time is elusive and enigmatic. The moment <i>now</i> is ephemeral.<p>Quandaries and confusion about time date back as far as Aristotle and Augustine, and as recently as Einstein and Feynman.<p>Physicists understand much about time, how its flow varies depending on velocity and gravity, but they haven't reached …


20 Incredibly Common Speaking and Writing Blunders

Like it or not, people make snap judgments about you all the time. Don't let these incredibly common mistakes affect how people see you.<p>How you speak and write plays a big part in your level of success in life. Use words improperly and others will instantaneously--and often unintentionally and …


I Published My Debut Novel to Critical Acclaim—and Then I Promptly Went Broke

On the dark side of literary fame.<p>Forbes' list of the world's highest-paid authors came out last month. My name's not on it and it probably never will be. My name is, however, on a $786 utility bill that just arrived in the mail. Summer in Texas is expensive, even when you set the thermostat at 85 …

These Tools Will Help You Become A More Persuasive Writer

Everybody writes. No matter what you are doing in life, you need to communicate with other people. Whether it’s a personal email to your friend or a formal proposal for your business, you want to persuade people to take action.<p>Throughout the years I developed a writing routine and found useful …


Memory Doubled By Playing These Sounds During Sleep

<i>These sounds played during sleep can enhance both memory and sleep.</i>

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