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Connecting with sport at the crossroads of the world

This morning was one of those delightful, connecting mornings.We have had really good overnight rain in Braidwood. The air is cool … and my ADSL …

New South Wales

#coachlearninginsport: besides and with

I had an opportunity to meet some rugby union coaches today.Just before the talk, I happened upon these two chairs looking out at a rugby pitch.The …

Global Perspectives

Learning Journeys

I have an opportunity to meet with some rugby union coaches on Sunday.Our topic is personal learning journeys after formal accreditation completion.I …

Rugby Union

An Introduction to Analytic Narratives for Coaches and Students

BackgroundI received an alert to a paper today that has sent me off to revisit Donald Polkinghorne‘s and Philippe Mongin‘s discussion of narrative …


#coachlearninginsport Moving from ‘No … But’ to ‘If … Then’ and on to ‘Yes … And’

I was struck by the introductory paragraph in an Esko Kilpi discussion of pattern recognition. Esko argued:The way we want to make sense of the world …