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pt.2 to my creative writing about honors bio. explains my first day and up to date.

pt.1 to my creative writing about honors bio. explains my first day and up to date.

Biology Reflection

The beet lab was very cool . It was one of the first labs we did and helped us work as a team.

The Cell Elodea lab really interested me as well. It taught me about microscopy and how to identify the nucleus of a cell.

I have improved on doing and completing my labs on time . On my last labs I have gotten pretty good grades . On my first couple labs I turned them in late.

I have learned about photosynthesis and chemistry of living things in this semester of biology. The notes we do have have improved my learning.

This semester I learned about cell structure and function. Labeling and coloring this cell diagram helped me have a better understanding on the cell and learn more .

The study guides have helped me be more prepared for tests . This has been had a great impact on my study skills and learning new information.

I am very proud of getting more organized with my notebook checks. At the beginning of the year, I was much less organized which is why I got a low score on my first notebook check. As you can see I improved throughout the semester .

I am proud of this achievement: I pay more attention to detail now. At the beginning of the semester I didn’t really know what I was doing in regards to chapter maps. Paying more attention to detail got me my good scores.

The “Murder and a Meal Lab” really intrigued me. The labs we do are what I look forward to every time I come into class. The labs have made me more and more interested in studying what we are learning.

The yeast lab also sparked an interest in me. It made me more and more interested to learn about cellular respiration. It was also very fun.