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🌟💜🌟One of my all time fave desserts is cheesecake! Recipe for my healthier version of a peanut butter cheesecake will be in the comments 👇🌟💜🌟

PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES🍪 1 cup Natural Peanut Butter 20-25 drops of stevia 2 egg whites 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup almond flour or Peanut flour (like pb2) 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips (optional) Mix all ingredients with a electric hand mix Roll into small balls, and squash down with a fork Bake in a 325f oven for 10-12 min #fitnationproject

50 cal Zucchini banana muffins Thank you to igers like @biolayne and @spoonfuloffit @famfitfood @vmfitness for sharing the science of nutrition. I would have not even considered eating these muffins because it contains ingredients I would have considered not "clean". Read, learn, grow& share😉 Recipe 1 cup all purpose flour 1 cup almond meal 1 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp salt 1 egg 1 banana mashed 1 cup shredded zucchini 2 tsp butter melted 1 tsp vanilla 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup choc chips- optional Mix wet then dry ingredients Makes 30 mini muffins Bake 350 for 15min Macros 52 cal, 6g carb, 2 g fat, 2g pro #iifym #instafam #fitfam #nutrition #muffins #lifestyle #goodfood #fitmomcooks #foodpic #foodporn #foodstagram #weightlossjourney #flexibledieting #morning #breakfast #snack #yum #banana #zucchini #recipe #macros #mmm #fruit #veggies #share #fitwomencook

Cauliflower and Flax Seed Lean Beef Burger! 😳🍔🍅🍚 This super low carb, low fat, high protein ridiculously yummy burger was to die for. It almost felt too good to be true. But 100% clean!! Recipe➡➡➡➡➡➡➡ Cauliflower and Flax Seed Bun: 1. Combine 1 cup chopped cauliflower, 1 egg, 1 tbs low fat cottage cheese, 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder, 1/2 teaspoon onion powder in the food processor until smooth! 2. Add 1/2 tablespoon flax/linseeds and mix into the cauliflower mixture. 3. Line an oven tray with baking paper and lightly spray with olive/coconut oil. Scoop mixture onto the paper into two "bun" shapes - make one flat and one raised (one for the lid and one for the bottom). Sprinkle some more flax seeds onto the "lid". 4. Bake on high for 25 minutes or so or until golden brown and cooked through! 5. Fill with whatever you like! I used organic tomato sauce, organic Dijon mustard, a lean gluten free lean beef patty, beetroot, grated carrot, avocado, cucumber and spinach! Enjoy😘🍔 💕👭 #ourhealthykitchen

That moment I made healthy chicken fingers and I knew my life would never be the same🙈🐔🍗

Spicy Baked Chicken Tenderloin: Ingredients: 1 pound chicken tenderloins, 1 cup almond meal (found it at Trader Joes), 1/2 cup whole grain bread crumbs, 1 tablespoon garlic powder, 1 teaspoon paprika, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/4 cup or 2 mini bottles of Franks Red Hot Sauce, 2 eggs. Directions: Mix dry ingredients together in 1 bowl (almond meal, bread crumbs, garlic powder, paprika and salt). Pour hot sauce onto chicken, dip each piece into egg mixture and dip in to dry ingredients. Place on cooking sheet and bake at 375 F, 30-35 minutes. I dipped mine with dijon honey mustard

This week (on friday I think) it's national Cinnamon roll day here in Sweden. I love cinnamon rolls but since they're teally high in fat and carbs I decided to make my own healthy Cinnamon rolls😃. Look at those macros!!! ➡For the dough: 1/2 cup coconut flour 1 scoop 30g) whey protein powder vanilla 1 tsp xanthan gum (I think guar gum works as well but I haven't tried) 1 tsp baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 tbsp granulated sweetener (optional) 2 egg whites 3-4 tbsp almond milk (you might need a little more if the dough is to dry) ➡For the filling: 2 tablespoons almond butter 1-2 tsp granulated sweetener 1 tbsp cinnamon 1⃣ Preheat oven to 350F/ 175C. 2⃣Mix all the ingredients for the dough in a bowl. Make the dough into a ball and place on a baking sheet (parchment paper) and place another parchment paper on top of the dough. 3⃣Roll out the dough with a baking pin into a rectangle, make sure it's quite thin. Add some coconut flour and sprinkleon the dough if it sticks. 4⃣Mix the ingredients for the filling. 5⃣Spread the filling on the dough. 6⃣Roll up the dough and then cut into 3 pieces. 7⃣Bake in the oven for about 20-25 minutes, until they are golden brown. Let cool for a while and then cut into smaller pieces. They tastes best right out of the oven so if you eat them the next day, heat them for 10-15 seconds in the microwave. ✔Macros per roll (of 3): 116 calories , 15g p, 1.6g c, 5g f ✔Per piece (if you divide each roll into 4 pieces): 29 cal, 3.75 g p, 0.4 g c, 1.25 g f The glaze is cream cheese, sugarfree maple syrup and almond milk👌.

It may be 80 degrees in NYC today, but I'm having a warm fall breakfast 🍁💛 *Pumpkin Cranberry Oatmeal Stuffed Egg White Cinnamon Crepe* topped with Dry Walnuts & a dollop of Cream Cheese #ChefTiffy Tomorrow is @Thefitbaldman's 1st #FallFoodFridays and this is ALL Fall Flavor! Recipe- 1/4 cup dry oats cooked with 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1tb pumpkin purée, 1/2 chopped banana, 1t maple syrup, dash of pumpkin pie spice & 1tb craisins (made thick!) Stuffed into 1 medium egg white crepe (mixed with 1tb unsweetened almond milk, 1/2t oat flour & dash of cinnamon).

So I used to always bake my spaghetti squash in the oven and it would take FOREVER! Now I use the microwave and it is done in no time⌚👏 How to steps will be in the comments 👇👇

In honor of "National Cinnamon roll day" here in Sweden, I made a Cinnamon roll mugcake for breakfast. Who can say no to cinnamon rolls for breakfast? Holy moly, this was delicious😋😋 ➡INGREDIENTS: 🔹Heaping 1/2 cup oats (50g), grind to a flour in a food processor 🔹1 tbsp coconut flour 🔹1 tsp baking powder 🔹2 egg whites 🔹3 tbsp unsweetened applesauce (or banana) 🔹1 tbsp greek yogurt 🔹2.5 tbsp almond milk 🔹2 tsp granulated sweetener 🔹1 tsp vanilla extract 🔹1/3 tsp butter extract (bought at iherb) can omit 🔹1/2 tsp cardamom (can omit) 🔹CINNAMON GLAZE: 1/2 tsp cinnamon +2 tbsp sugarfree maple syrup (or honey) ➡Vanilla icing: 1/3 cup greek yogurt 2 tbsp low fat cream cheese 5 @sweetleaf vanilla stevia drops 1⃣Mix all ingredients for the mugcake with a hand blender/blender until smooth. Pour the batter in a greased (I used coconut oil) big mug or bowl. Drizzle half the cinnamon glaze into the batter. Cook in the microwave for 1.5-2.5 min, keep checking it so it doesn't overflow😁. 2⃣Mix ingredients for the icing until smooth. Flip the mugcake on to a plate, top with icing and the rest of the cinnamon glaze 👌 ✔Macros for everything: 357cal, 32p, 41c, 6f

Chocolate almond butter protein cookies🍪🍪🍪 I was experimenting with this recipe using an egg and for some reason it was too crumbly 😝. So I tried it again using a banana and no more crumbles and much more moist😉. 1 cup of natural almond butter or peanut butter. 1 scoop chocolate protein powder. 1 mashed banana 1 tsp vanilla. 2 tsp stevia or honey or maple syrup Bake at 350 on parchment lined cookie sheet for 15min allow to cool. #cookie #almondbutter #peanutbutter #glutenfree #flourless #homemade #eatcleantraindirty #mmm #banana #vegan #instafood #foodie #foodpic #foodporn #foodstagram #fitmomcooks #recipe #eggfree

Peanut butter swirl brownies 💛👍!!! I am visiting my parents so I asked my dad what he would like for dessert. He said "Chocolate. Or peanut butter. Or peanut butter and chocolate." I think I can handle that 😜! These are SUPER DE DUPER easy!!!!! ➡️ Recipe: combine 2c almond flour with 1t vanilla extract, 1t baking powder, 1/2c cocoa powder, 1/2c honey, 1 whole egg, 1 egg white, and 1T unsweetened almond milk 👌. Pour into a prepared 8x8. For the peanut butter swirl, I microwaved some creamy peanut butter mixed with almond milk (until desired consistency) for 30 seconds. Dollop onto the brownies and swirl with a knife 🍴. Bake at 350F for 15-20 min, toothpick tested. 🙌 Mission accomplished: chocolatey and peanut buttery goodness 💛!!!

I have stolen Ty's famous cupcake recipe mwahaha. These are healthy cupcakes made with coconut flour no added sweetener/sugars and all other "healthy" or whatever ingredients. The frosting is real vanilla frosting mixed with peanut butter because it fits in my macros (and there's this thing called moderation ya know). You do not need to use real frosting but it's not really a cupcake without. I'll post the recipe on the comments for all you wonderful people 😘

👋 Good morning everyone! I decided to start of my day with some baking. Had some ripe bananas, so I made myself a personal banana protein cake 💕👌 it's so cakey. 👉Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mash 1 ripe banana (125 grams) mashed in a bowl and add 1 egg white, 1/2 tbsp coconut oil, 1/2 tsp butter extract, 1/2 scoop of @cellucor whipped vanilla whey protein (16 grams), 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/8 cup oat flour, 1/8 cup of organic spelt flour, and 1 tbsp stevia in the raw. Mix all together and put into non-stick sprayed (I used coconut oil spray) glass dish and baked for 20-25 minutes. All I put on top was ground cinnamon and a dizzle of some walden farms pancake syrup (@iherbinc). I will be putting this recipe up on @doyouledbetter's website soon 😛👌💕

Dijon Chicken Pasta Bake... Omg who said clean eaters couldn't enjoy CLEAN delicious pasta! Thank you @questnutrition for your amazing pastas! They are both phenom! Ingredients (2 servings): 1 package of Quest spaghetti pasta, 2 medium chicken breasts, 1 Roma tomato, 1/2 cup cooked spinach, 1/4 cup diced mushrooms, 3 tbsp. Dijon mustard, 4 tsp. italian seasoning, 2 eggs. Directions: Season chicken each with 1 tsp. Italian seasoning, bake on 350 for 20 minutes, then dice. Sauté mushroom and spinach in greased pan together. Dice tomato. Strain and rinse pasta. Mix ALL above ingredients in large bowl (add other 2 tsp. Italian seasoning. Grease bread pan and add pasta bake mix. Bake on 375 uncovered for 40-45 minutes (until top is golden brown and crispy)! #eatclean #cleaneating #eatingclean #healthy #rippedrecipes #health #itsnotadiet #absaremadeinthekitchen #eatforabs #fitchicks #clean #fit #fitspiration #fitfluential #fitfood #cleanrecipe #cleantreat #fitspo #healthyjourney #fitfam #motivation #fitwomencook #healthymeal #eatcleantrainmean #health #rippedrecipe #clean #busygirlseatclean #easyrecipe #cleanrecipe #healthyrecipe

One of my favorite snacks to munch on during the fall season is apple chips 🍎 Homemade apple chips are easy to make, inexpensive, and nutritious! 🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎 Apples contain many phytonutrients (naturally occurring component of plants that provide nutrition) that act as antioxidants, ridding the body of cancer causing free-radicals. They are also a great source of dietary fiber! I like to use a dehydrator to dry my apples, and leave them dry overnight or about 24 hours to get nice and crunchy, but if you don't have a dehydrator, these can also be made in the oven as well! Just place uniformly thin apple slices on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake at 170 F. For approximately 7 hours! #abs #absaremadeinthekitchen #cleaneating #cardio #eatclean #eatcleantrainmean #eatcleantraindirty #eatforabs #fit #fitness #fifreak #fitfam #fitspo #gym #gains #gymrat #getfit #healthy #rippedrecipes #rawfood #fitnation #fitgirls #healthylifestyle #healthyfoodporn #instagood #healthysnack #run #strongisthenewskinny #trainhard #workout

Turkey Bacon Egg Cups! Spray coconut oil in muffin pan, wrap turkey bacon inside and drop egg. Bake 375 f degrees 25 mins. I added a dash of paprika on top also. When purchasing turkey bacon please make sure it's uncured, nitrate and nitrite free. This turkey bacon was from Trader Joe's. It's also turkey raised with no sub-therapeutic antibiotics, no artificial ingredients, minimally processed. Do not buy turkey bacon that looks almost neon pink. If you also decide to eat real bacon, buy center cut and nitrate free. More recipes www.myhealthydish.com

I love having eggs for breakfast when I'm craving something savory! This morning I made a frittata packed full of veggies! I didn't know whether to call this a quiche or a frittata... Did you know there's a difference between them? A quiche has a crust and a frittata is basically a crust less quiche. So I guess that makes this a FRITTATA🎊🎉🎊 how I made this: 1 tsp minced garlic 1/4 cup red onion, chopped 1/4 cup carrots, grated 1/2 cup spinach, chopped 1/4 cup zucchini, chopped 1 mushroom, sliced 1 egg 2/3 cup egg whites 1/4 cup nutritional yeast OR 1/4 cup low fat shredded cheese Salt and pepper Preheat oven to 350f/180c. Mix all ingredients together until well combined. Pour into a greased cake pan and bake for 20-25 min or until it's no longer jiggly! Let it cool, slice it up, and enjoy!

Easiest 4 ingredient protein packed bread with healthy fats: almond butter bread 🍞 Toastable, tasty, and nutritious. (For 1 mini loaf) 1 whole egg 1 egg white 1/4 (4 T) almond butter 1 scoop whey 1/2 tsp baking powder Mix well, batter will be sticky Bake in greased or lined mini bread pan for 25-30 min or until browned at 350. I like mine best broiled on each side until crispy with chocolate fudge (1/2 mashed banana, 1/2 T almond butter, 1/2 T cocoa microwaved for 15 sec) #fitfam #fitspo #fitspiration #healthy #fitness #motivation #cleaneating #cleanrecipes #healthyrecipes #healthyfood #food #foodie #foodporn #healthyfoodporn #weightloss #eatforabs #foodspo #healthspo #delicious #tumblr #healthybreakfast #healthysnack #healthydessert #proteinbread #protein #healthybread #lowcarb #glutenfree #almondbutter #postworkout

Oh, dessert 💜. Coconut cardamom 1-minute cupcake topped with almond butter. Have I stressed how great of an investment whole wheat pastry flour was? 😬 Just for this recipe alone 👌, the fluff is ridic. Goodnight! ▶️▶️ Coconut cardamom 1-minute cupcake: Mix 2 tbsp whole wheat pastry flour, 1 tbsp coconut flour, 1 tbsp unsweetened almond milk, 1 egg white, 1/2 tsp coconut extract, 1/8 tsp cardamom, 2 stevia packets, and 1/2 tsp baking powder. Either pour into a sprayed mug to make one big cupcake or pour into two silicon cupcake molds to make two normal sized cupcakes. I prefer the two cupcakes. Microwave for 1 minute!

Another random creation that turned out delicious! Who would have thought that these ingredients would go so well together 😍 Combine 1 pkg Costco ground turkey, 1 cup canned pumpkin, 1 cup quick oats, 3 eggs (can sub for 1/2 cup whites), 1/2 diced onion, 3 minced garlic cloves, lots of seasonings of choice (I used salt, pepper, pkt stevia, ground cumin, chili powder, tbsp sriracha, 2 tbsp BBQ sauce). Mix well then scoop into muffin tins sprayed with olive oil. Pat down. Bake for approx 30 min at 350. Makes 15 muffins. Tip: I always cook one mini patty in a pan to taste first to ensure mixture is seasoned enough 😉 Approx macros per muffin - 86 cals, 8.5g protein, 3g fat, 6g carbs

Sweet tooth tonight. A bit of an experiment, but this fruity frittata turned out great! For 2 ppl, I did 3 eggs + 4 whites mixed with 60g quinoa flakes+a handful of blueberries and raspberries and 1 ripe banana diced, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp honey. Mix everything and fry in a hot frying pan for 5 mins, then place under a grill until cooked through and golden then sliced. For the sauce I mixed dark organic cocoa powder with almond milk until it was runny and added a few drops of stevia