Kathleen Walls

8 Flips | 2 Magazines | 2 Followers | @KathleenWal1i0f | Kathleen Walls is publisher/writer for American Roads and Global Highways. She is the author of travel books, Georgia’s Ghostly Getaways, Finding Florida’s Phantoms, Hosts With Ghosts, and Wild About Florida series. Her articles appeared in Georgia Magazine, London, England's "Country Music People," Weekender Extended, Family Motor Coaching, http://visitfloridaonline.com/about.htm and http://www.visitalabamaonline.com/about.htm http://www.visitgeorgiaonline.com/about.htm http://www.southernusavisitor.com http://www.visitkentuckyonline.com/about.htm http://www.visittennesseeonline.com/ Tours4Mobile and others. She is a photographer also with many of her original photographs appearing in her travel magazine as well as other publications. Her in print travel books to date are: Georgia's Ghostly Getaways, Finding Florida's Phantoms, Hosts With Ghosts and Wild About Florida: South Florida, Wild About Florida: North Florida and Wild About Florida: Central Florida. She has several travel guides online as well.