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Inside ISIS: A TIME Special Report | TIME

Dispatches from around the world on the rising global threat<p>More formidable than its al-Qaeda precursors in the view of many experts, the Islamic …

Middle East

How to Deal With the Islamic State? Arm the Kurds

<i>Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.</i><p>Leave Erbil and take the southern road toward Mosul.<p>There, in a landscape of hills green but bare, is the front line where General Barzani's Peshmerga fighters are arrayed against the the Islamic State.<p>"We lack everything," the young general tells me, standing …

The quest to see China’s extraordinary frozen fog

Exquisite, delicate rime forms only when conditions are just right – and its appearance can be fleeting.<p>I was on a mission – one that required me to wear four layers of warm clothes and a fleece balaclava. I was going to be braving temperatures below -20C for hours. My friend Cherry Li, who grew up …

Cherry Blossom

‘Member How The Koalas Needed Mittens?

Spread the Cute:<p>Well, we’ve got an update to that story. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has <i>LOTS</i> of mittens now! Now, they’re in …

Articles about 6-modern-bookshelf-ideas on Dwell.com - Dwell

We've come a long way since the clawfoot.<p>You still can’t have your modern art and eat it too, but at least you can make it into dessert with Modern Art Desserts by...<p>Classic or contemporary, these titles are guaranteed to appeal to burgeoning bookworms of the modernist sort.<p>The bathroom vanity is …

General Motors

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

In Monte Carlo recently, we were window-shopping. Not only when we peeked at the displays in the windows of Cartier and Prada, Hermes and Dolce & Gabbana... but everywhere we went, all the time. We'd never witnessed anything like this up close.<p>"Monaco is the most beautiful place on earth," remarked …

European Travel

The Fund for Peace

Spot the difference: Female world leaders 'Photoshopped' out of Paris rally picture

An Israeli newspaper has been criticised for allegedly editing Angela Merkel and other women from a line-up of 40 world leaders, photographed in Paris on Sunday<p>At first glance, this looks like a historic photograph. It depicts 40 world leaders, dressed in black, arms linked, marching through Paris …

Osama Bin Laden

7 conservatives who have compared Obama to Hitler

Texas congressman Randy Weber is only the latest to make the demented comparison<p>Texas Republican Congressman Randy Weber came under withering criticism last night after he posted a tweet comparing President Obama with Adolf Hitler. The occasion for such an incendiary comparison? Unlike Obama, who …

"If They Capture Me, They Will Execute Me at Once": Meet the Iraqi Woman Standing Up to ISIS

The Islamic State is waging a genocidal war on the Yazidi people—kidnapping, raping, and killing those who do not submit to its extremist ideals. Iraqi politician Vian Dakhil's efforts to stand in the way have made her a prime target. Abigail Haworth accompanies her to the front lines on her …

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Austria Detains Teenage Girls Who Wanted to Marry ISIS Fighters

VIENNA — Austria has detained two teenage girls after they tried to travel to Syria to marry fighters of the jihadist group ISIS, a spokesman for the prosecution said Sunday. The girls, ages 16 and 17, were sent back to Austria from Romania, where they had been picked up by authorities on a train …

Middle East

Koalas Are Being Given Special Mittens To Help With Burned Paws After Fleeing Brushfires

Sadly, the wildlife agencies working with the animals say the situation may get worse before it gets better.<p>View this post on Facebook<p>View this post on Facebook<p>View this post on Facebook<p>View this post on Facebook<p>View this post on Facebook<p>View this post on Facebook<p>View this post on Facebook<p>View this …

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Global Firepower Index Breaks Down the Strength of the US Military And Shows Who's Right Behind Us

As North Korea threatens to wage war on the world for taking a moment to laugh at them, this might be an excellent time to remind you to dust off …

Teen's forced chemo may continue, Connecticut court rules

<b>(CNN) —</b> The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the state may continue to force a teenager to undergo chemotherapy treatments that could save her life.<p>The court said that attorneys for the girl -- who is 17 and therefore still a minor -- failed to prove that she is mature enough to make …


Obama to propose two free years of community college

President Barack Obama will need the approval of Congress to realize his proposal for making two years of community college free for students.<p>So far, that plan doesn’t have an official price tag — other than “significant,” according to White House officials. If all 50 states participate, the …

College & University

How Skinny Is Too Skinny? Israel Bans ‘Underweight’ Models

Models in Israel will have to maintain a BMI of 18.5 or higher if they want to stay employed. Will policing models’ body weight have any influence on …

Mental Health

10 extraordinary destinations you have probably never heard of