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Hope - the reason as to why I symbolised a sun to represent hope because of it’s similarities it shares with the sun. In the darkest times that you may have experienced or the world has experienced, the emotion you feel is overwhelming. You start to feel doubt and sadness. But when hope comes in, it’s usually meant to be the light in the dark, and that’s basically what the sun does. Charity - I represented hands to symbolise charity because the modern relation it has to this day. Today, charity is seen as an organisation that donates money to the people that need it most, and often gather their money through large donations by the community. This shows charity because of what a community can do together to make a difference in the world. More hands make light work, as I have drew on my paper. Faith - The object I used to represent faith is the sign of the cross, almost looking like a sword to create a better design. Faith is basically your reliability level towards Jesus or God, whether it can be strong by believing or weak by not believing. Either way, each direction is somewhat related to the presence of God. Often, the presence of God is the sign of the cross, and by adding that to my design it shows to always have faith in Jesus.

This image shows the famous actor ‘Ryan Renolds’ in a Hugo Boss advertisement, which represents body image

Johnny Depp ‘Aftershave’ advertisement which represents body image

This picture enables more than one harmony. The second harmony is, 'In Harmony With Others,' but the harmony that this photo is trying to focus on is, 'In Harmony With Yourself.' When your having a boring and dull day, you want to keep things alive. This is what this image is achieving. When your having fun or when your with your friends, it doesn't just benefit your entire group, but it benefits you. When your out in the night with your friends, you start to be grateful with you have and realise. This brings true happiness within yourself, and that is what in harmony with yourself is. To experience true happiness. This image represents, 'In Harmony With Myself.'

The picture below shows a young lady enjoying creation. Sitting down by the ocean or simply witnessing God's creation can sometimes bring out true happiness in others. This examines, 'In Harmony With Others.' According to one of the reasons why God created humans, it states that one of the reasons was to realise and enjoy what God can do, and in this case, witness and enjoy creation. Watching the sunset, feeding animals, sitting down by a beautiful view of the jungle will bring peace to your mind, which then makes your body relax. This picture shows, 'In Harmony With Myself.'

Meditation is another great technique that is relative to praying. Meditation allows you to achieve, 'In Harmony With Yourself.' The explanation why is because meditation is similar to praying, it allows you to be one with your self. It also has the ability to calm yourself down and realise what great things you have in life, and appreciate it. Research reveals that meditation is actually one of the main causes to soothe/relieve stress, and that is what in harmony with yourself is about. It's about taking care of yourself and do things that allows your body to relax in order to treat yourself in the appropriate manner. Meditation reveals, 'In Harmony With Yourself.'

There are more than one harmonies that are acting on this picture. The other harmony is unnecessary, but the main one is 'In Harmony With Myself.' What this image is really telling us that when all hope seems lost, or if you wish you could do something, praying is a good way to accomplish that thing. Most of the time, people pray for their overall wellbeing and hope for the best in the future. A person that prays continuously throughout her life is Mother Teresa. She prays everyday not only for the world, but to pray so she can be one with herself. Praying is a good method to keep in harmony with yourself.

When you have been sitting all day inside your house or in your office for hours just being productive and getting the work done, this may cause to some pretty bad headaches. To solve this problem, as well as makes you more focus on your work and relieves stress, easily going outside and absorbing some fresh air would make a huge difference. This would present, 'In Harmony With Yourself,' as you are allowing time for your body to rest a bit and taking care of it. Even the smartest people in the world like Stephen Hawking need some fresh air. Going out and getting some fresh air is not the only solution to cure headaches, it can also cure times when you don't feel right like you are sick or vomiting. Fresh air would have a huge impact. This photo reveals, 'In Harmony With Myself.'

Each day, we must give ourselves time to heal or relax from recent events, like a busy day at work. Everybody needs time to relax. Either taking a break or giving yourself some time will definitely soothe your stress. This represents, 'In Harmony With Creation.' Whether that would be going to a place you love, or playing videos, time is something that will always be there and must learn how to distribute your time to balance you job and relax time. A popular example of, 'taking a break,' is easily watching television or YouTube. Personally, for me, mine is creating YouTube videos. Taking a break will really bring out your inner self and become with one if you choose to do so. This image reveals, 'In Harmony With Yourself.'

One of the key's to having success of living a happy life is to always stay positive, even when things get tough. Staying positive can lead to, 'In Harmony With Yourself.' Positivity is the emotion/feeling that makes you motivated each day. When times do get tough, it is important to remember to always try and stay positive. Research has shown that when your not happy, but you still hang around your friends, you don't want to be the one that brings the mood down. So you will TRY to stay positive. Even trying to stay positive has a 'positive effect,' on your mind. Also, when doing so, can change the people's feelings around you, indicating, 'In Harmony With Others.'

In a recent and tragic disaster, hurricane, 'Harvey' has erupted in Texas and is causing deep floods and making people evacuate from their own homes. However, in the light of this disaster, many people are brought together by the people of America and are willing to help others in need, including animals. Below depicts a picture about a woman who is suffering from hurricane Harvey, and is yet still trying to do her best of her abilities to take this dog to shelter. This person is showing, 'In Harmony With Creation,' through their hard-work.

This picture has more meaning to it than you think. This displays, 'In Harmony With Creation,' The real message behind this is when you are buying things, make your you buy quality with it as well. When you buy cheap objects, like a clear plastic bottle, yes it can be reused, however, it won't last that long. But if you buy something that is good quality, like a metal bottle, it will not only last longer than a plastic bottle, it can be re-used forever as it is very sustainable. Another easy example is when you buy all your supplies for your house hold, the person at the counter will automatically give you plastic bags. Easily bringing your own bags that are not made out of plastic, like fabric, could make a huge difference and impact. So when your buying things, also think about quality as it can affect whether that material will have to burn and send out dirty fumes, or, easily buying products that are durable and usable every time.

Beneath this caption leads to a simple image telling us to recycle. This represents, 'In Harmony With Creation.' You see every time we buy and finish a bottle of water, or throw away a milk carton, or any other type of rubbish, that rubbish is then carried away by garbage trucks and then brought to a place where all the garbage is then deposited, and burnt. There are two problems with that. The first problem is leaving it on the ground for a while. Since there is millions of people in Australia, there must be millions of rubbish as well. All that rubbish can't fit on one container, so they would have to leave the rubbish behind on the ground. This is a selfish act and abandons 'In Harmony With Creation.' The next problems is the dirty polluted fumes being released to the air when the garbage is burnt. The dirty air particles are then spread onto the environment, harming the area you are surrounded in. Recycling can produce less garbage coming to the pit of fire and reduce the dirty fumes, reducing the damage of the environment.

Caring for Creation


The picture beneath acknowledges 'In Harmony With Creation.' It tell's a story of a local community gathered together to do one thing: Help keep God's creation clean. They are doing so by picking up left over rubbish from a concert. If they did not have the will to do such thing, or if the entire world did not, then we are completely abandoning 'In Harmony With Creation.' These people are sacrificing their time and effort to do what is right, which is picking up rubbish. If we don't have these type of people, the world would just be left in ruins, uninhabitable for any living beings. If we don't take care of the world, the poorest of poor usually suffer from it. Luckily, we do have these type of people. The type of people that knows what's good and wrong. These people show in harmony with creation in the picture below by preventing or curing the viruses of the world, and these terms, they are picking up rubbish.

The photo below this caption displays a man spraying water to plants. This shows 'In Harmony With Creation.' In God's original plan, he created humans to be the leader/shepherds of all animals and living beings, including plants. They were assigned with the task to take care of God's creation. This is what this image is doing, a man spraying water onto a plant. He is then taking care of God's creation. By doing so, you can also complete 'In Harmony With Others,' as you are taking time of your parents, allowing them to relax or do other important jobs. Simply watering plants can make a huge difference.

CST - Stewardship of creation


Below is a front cover of a book written by Pope Francis himself named, "Laudato Si'," This book unveils a message that Pope Francis wants all people to do. It is to restore harmony with creation. It is the Church's most profound and comprehensive statement yet on caring for creation and the poorest. He explains that people need to be brought together and understand the importance of Earth, and the important role that God left humans to do. Take care of creation. This book spreads awareness on how we can work together to save the environment, for example, simply don't litter. This unveils 'In Harmony With Creation,'