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Lake Michigan has become dramatically clearer in last 20 years — but at a steep cost

Decades ago, Lake Michigan teemed with nutrients and green algae, casting a brownish-green hue that resembled the mouth of an inland river rather than a vast, open-water lake.<p>Back then, the lake's swampy complexion was less than inviting to swimmers and kayakers, but it supported a robust fishing …

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Celebrate Michigan's birthday with these cool old maps of our state

From hand sketched to mass printed, these fascinating maps illuminate Michigan history.

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Travel Tip: Some Caribbean Islands are Now Open to Visitors

The 2017 hurricane season was devastating in the Caribbean, but not all islands were touched.<p>The storms had little or no effect on Barbados, Jamaica, …


What To Do When Your Dream School Says, 'I'm Not That Into You'

Amid the holiday season celebrations many students found out whether they’d been accepted, rejected or deferred from a first choice college. If the news wasn’t good, it can deal a tough blow. There’s nothing quite as crushing as unrequited love – especially when it comes from a dream college. But …

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9 Surprising, Little-Known Side Effects Of Anxiety

When people think of anxiety, they tend to think of a racing heart, incessant negative thoughts, and fatigue or low energy. But there can be more to …

How To Cure A Migraine: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

A migraine is not just a headache, which is what some people assume (and scoff at) when colleagues aren't able to come in to work because they are …

Cute Puppies for Sale | Grooming

Ready to meet the best Puppy of your Dreams?<p>Our goal is to help you connect with the right special four-legged friend. All our puppies are selected …


SAT's about-face on essay presents colleges with a tough question

The College Board's decision to make the essay portion of its influential SAT exam optional is setting off a national debate among colleges and universities about whether to require applicants to take it.<p>Beyond the potential effect on students, the March 5 announcement about the upcoming test …

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How was Larry Nassar able to abuse so many gymnasts for so long?

The biggest sexual abuse scandal in sports history shines a light on a culture of medals over morals<p>Larry Nassar was a wonderful doctor – everyone said so. The little girls who were sent to him were told it was an honour. Their parents were told it was a sign their daughters were destined for …

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