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Here Lies Donald Trump – Picked Fights With Black People

4 bombshells the mainstream media ignored this week!

SHOCK REPORT: Donald Trump Got STORMY DANIELS PREGNANT . . . We Got Her LIE DETECTOR TEST!!! (Where’s The Baby??)

Shocking new update in the Stormy Daniels saga just broke. The Wall Street Journal just got access to a 2006 LIE DETECTOR TEST that Stormy Daniels …

Trump Was Reportedly Warned By His National Security Advisers Not To Congratulate Putin

Ahead of his highly criticized call with Vladimir Putin in which he congratulated the authoritarian leader for winning his sham election, President …

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer drops another bombshell about Trump – here’s what he said

After making the claim that his client Stormy Daniels had been physically threatened, her lawyer Michael Avenatti said Monday that he had evidence …

Day 423: Innocent People Don’t Act Like Donald Trump is Acting

Donald Trump’s fervor over the Robert Mueller investigation is hitting new peaks. After Mueller sent Trump and his team a list of questions and …

Donald Trump

China's Top Billionaire explains what's wrong with Donald Trump's Populist rhetoric (2017)

Jack Ma shares his views on globalization and Donald Trump's populist rhetoric. …

What Hope Hicks Learned in Washington

On the morning of Wednesday, February 28, Hope Hicks arrived at the White House just after 8 a.m. Within a week, it would be snowing in Washington, …

Donald Trump

LATEST! Mexicans VS Donald Trump! O-M-G!!!

Lawyers for Rohingya community want to prosecute Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi for crimes against humanity


Carpool karaoke mums' Down's syndrome video goes viral

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SQUID is your news buddy. It is the most entertaining and creative way to keep up-to-date with all that happens around the globe in your areas of …

Staff claim Cambridge Analytica ignored US ban on foreigners working on elections

Cambridge Analytica

Russia's 'Putin generation' more active than their parents - and more pro-Kremlin


Boris Johnson says UK has evidence of Russia stockpiling deadly nerve agent for assassinations in last ten years

Boris Johnson

Fiancée says Trump campaign aide who lied to FBI is no ‘coffee boy’.

George Papadopoulos was no mere “coffee boy” to the Trump campaign, the disgraced foreign-policy adviser’s fiancée says. Papadopoulous — who pleaded …

Stormy Daniels reveals why Donald Trump should be worried ‘My name is Stormy for a reason’

A Woman Cured Cancer Stage 4 With Just 1 Item

A lot of us want to have a healthy lifestyle and good habits, but sadly many diseases inside are not seen in time and emerge when we do not see them …

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