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Personal & Historical Accounts of Winged Humanoids

<b>I thought I'd describe a few of the many flying humanoid / Mothman encounter statements I have received or found over the years. These accounts were</b> …


These are the places that (most likely) host alien life

Not too cold, not too hot—the conditions for life are found not just on Earth, but on a handful of other places out in the universe.


Daily 2 Cents: Huge Disc Blocked Out the Stars -- Grandpa Shot a UFO -- 'I don't know what's going on anymore'

<b>Huge Disc Blocked Out the Stars</b><b><br>Liverpool, England - 1978-04-14:</b> I've waited 40 years to reveal this sighting because I thought people would think I …


Daily 2 Cents: Followed by a Huge Bat -- Beware of Mystery Killer 'Disease X' -- Huge Mysterious Fish Found in Queensland

<b>Followed by a Huge Bat</b><br>“I lived in Tennessee...we had just moved out to what I call the 'country country.' I had this minivan and I had put this red …


Bigfoot Encounter in Northern Minnesota Captured on Video

A sasquatch walks around the house and yard. The dog goes after the bigfoot but runs back inside. After the animal leaves the property the family …


The Elephant in the Pond

“Well speaking of cryptids. I’m not sure if this story belongs in that category. I was around 11 and I liked to fish and catch critters at the pond …


Daily 2 Cents: Neighborhood Invasion -- The Beast of Tarpaulin Creek -- 'Hello Dave. You're looking well today'

<b>Neighborhood Invasion</b><p><b>Louisiana:</b> For the past two months I had been seeing a number of lights moving above my house. At first I thought the lights …


'Tremendous Roaring Scream' in the Minnesota Wilderness

“The story I am going to relate to you goes back to the 1975. I’m like eight years old and my grandfather was a scoutmaster, that means he trained …


Daily 2 Cents: Unknown Entity Encounter -- Paul Sinclair...'The Existence of Strange Things' -- A Time Traveler in Tibet, Part II

<b>Unknown Entity Encounter</b><b><br>Omaha, Nebraska - 2018-03-03:</b> This was probably about my hundredth search for UFOs. Since about 2001, i have gone out driving …


High Strangeness in the Desert

“When I was in 3rd grade in 1994 I lived in a small border town called Douglas, Arizona. My dad was in the National Guard and my mom was a stylist. …


Pale Blue-Eyed Man-Bat Encountered Near North Prairie, WI

<b>I recently received the following account:</b><p>Hello Lon,<p>First of all, I would like to thank you for your site. Here I don't feel ridiculed telling my …


Bizarre Case: Grey Alien Shot And Killed At USAF Base

Witnesses in a strange and unexplained UFO case claim an alien was shot dead at an U.S. Air Force Base in New Jersey.<p>Ever since this case was …


Venusian Spaceships Are Landing! - Part III

<b>Venusian Spaceships Are Landing! (Part III of III)</b><i><br>By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. the “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international awards-winning Venus</i> …


Cliff Barackman – Bigfoot Evidence

Tonight live on Midnight in the Desert


Stepped Into Another Reality

“It was the end of my shift and I was heading out to meet up with my roommate, who worked at the same place but in a different floor. As I was …


4 Texas Cryptids That May be Lurking in Your Neighborhood

Are they real or are they not? Biologists and cryptozoologists are hotly debating the reality and myth of species known as cryptids. A cryptid, …


Researchers Warn of Extraterrestrial Hacks

Can Earth get pwnd from space?<p>The year is 2050 and Earth has just received its first interstellar transmission from an extraterrestrial intelligence. The news is met with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, and an international consortium of scientists, linguists, and mathematicians work …


China Releases Moon Footage Of Alien Bases

A Dr. Micheal Salla is convinced in the existence of a Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex or MIEC and in an alien agenda for Earth …

Extraterrestrial Life

Tall 'Mantis' Guardian Angels?

“I found your channel few months ago because I was trying to look for explanation of what I seen tall white angels that look like bugs. This happened …


A Gigantic “Underwater Wall” Discovered in Google Earth that would cover the whole Planet

<b>A mysterious video posted on YouTube claims that there is a gigantic wall located beneath the Earth’s oceans, which spans the entire planet. This</b> …

Google Earth

Hoax or Not? New Dark Web Video Claim to Show Alien Examination

Many of us had the opportunity to witness the video that emerged in the media and allegedly reveals alien autopsy taking place after Roswell ‘crash’, …


Mysterious UFO ‘intruder’ evaded F-15 fighter jets and disappeared without a trace

A mysterious UFO spotted over Oregon last year managed to evade F-15 fighter jets sent to intercept it.<p>That’s the revelation contained in audio tapes …


Daily 2 Cents: Truck Driver 'Transported' to Another Location -- Lost Time on Way to the Bathroom -- Heaviest Recorded Brain Tumor Removed

<b>Truck Driver 'Transported' to Another Location</b><b><br>Michael in Indiana called in to tell of a weird experience had while driving:</b><br>“This happened today. …


Bigfoot Report Locations.

Bigfoot Report Locations.

Daily 2 Cents: Scott Wolter...'The Existence of Strange Things' -- A Time Traveler in Tibet (Part I) -- Phantom Bat in London

Join Sean Forker, Lon Strickler and Butch Witkowski as we sit down with forensic geologist & TV personality <b>Scott Wolter</b>. Scott has made several …

Dalai Lama

Siege of Leningrad Time-Slip

<b>The following is an amazing account of interaction with WW2 troops during an excavation on a Russian battlefield:</b><br>“We have actually seen many such …


Daily 2 Cents: UFOs Reported at 2018 Winter Olympic Games -- Possible Abduction...Still Scared -- Cruise Ship 'Bloodbath'

<b>UFOs Reported at 2018 Winter Olympic Games</b><br>I have been receiving various UFO reports from areas in and around the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter …


Weekend 2 Cents: Was I Abducted? -- Don't Drink Airliner Coffee! -- Family Tormented by Stone-Throwing Entity

<b>Was I Abducted?</b><b><br>I found the following post at the humanoid sub-Reddit...just posted today:</b><br>When I looked up this list, I noticed that several points …


Alaska Thunderbird Sighted

According to several eyewitness reports, a bird with a wingspan nearly the width of Mendenhall Loop Road has been spotted in the Mendenhall Valley.


10 Paranormal Investigations And Encounters In Africa

For centuries, Africa was uncharted by European explorers. The continent was full of myth and mystery, the place where legendary creatures might …