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Hubble Stumbles on Signs of Water on TRAPPIST-1

While most of the public recognizes the Hubble Space Telescope as humanity’s premier provider of space porn, there’s also an incredible amount of …

The Most Beautiful Shots In Movie History

How to build a DIY LED ring light - a pictorial

In this article Steve McKenzie takes us through his steps of building an LED ring light.<p>I used 3/4 plywood as the base for the build (I got mine in …


Street Photography

5 Unspoken Rules of Photography Every Beginning Photographer Should Know

Even though photography is a creative exercise, and, ultimately, you should decide what your photographs look like, there are an awful lot of rules …

Landscape Photography

NASA's Space Tourism Posters Will Make You Want to Travel the Galaxy

NASA's Voyager mission took advantage of a once-every-175-year alignment of the outer planets for a grand tour of the so<p>... VIEW MORE<p>JPL/NASA

Ghost forest


Ozon gesture ring concept from 16Lab lets you wrap all your devices around your little finger

TOKYO -- As our devices shift and shrink and we find ourselves relying less and less on keyboards and mice and more and more on touchscreens to go about our work and play. In some situations, this makes interactivity a challenge. Voice is a potential solution for some situations, but gesture …

153 movie sequels currently in the works

<i>Yikes! We're two trillions words into this piece, and we've only just got to the letter 'K'. Here's part three of the rundown then, and there are a</i> …

All Good Logos Are Modernist Logos, Really

Jens Müller is something of a logo detective. The Düsseldorf, Germany-based designer finds logomarks—in old magazines, books on design, sometimes in …