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This Inspiring Family Moved from the U.S. to Ethiopia & Started A Thriving Social Enterprise Company

Parker Clay is a luxury lifestyle brand with goods designed in Santa Barbara, California and made in Ethiopia, where they are creating opportunities …

How This Social Entrepreneur Learned From Her International Development Experience

Sarina Prabasi, born in Nepal, and her husband, Elias Gurmu, born in Ethiopia, launched Buunni Coffee, selling fair-trade Ethiopian coffee in New York City. The enterprise, their social entrepreneurship and indeed their relationship, grew out of Prabasi’s work in international development.<p>Today, …

Social Entrepreneurship

The Future Of Progressive Business Is Companies That Are Good, Not Just Doing Good

Responsible businesses today tout the idea of something called shared value—where profits, customers, and the environment all benefit from a company’s success. But is that enough?<p>These days, we have high expectations of what companies should be. It’s not enough that they make good products. They …

This Bank Is Making Itself More Accountable To Investors. Here's Why

This is a first.<p>For the first time, a U.S. bank is putting its community mission on equal legal ground with turning a profit.<p>Virginia Community Capital, a nonprofit bank holding company with $150 million in assets, has converted the for-profit bank it owns into a public benefit corporation, a legal …

Development Bank

Big Companies Defy Trump On Climate Change

A number of environmentally focused corporations say they'll keep fighting climate change, whether or not the government sets carbon pollution standards.<p>As President Trump rolls back Obama's environmental legacy, it isn't just green groups who say they'll resist America's reversal on clean …

Lucienne Gigante, founder of Access Latina talks about the need for early coding education by Tech Inclusion - Listen to music

Latin America

How a Food Tech Company Is Building Itself by Hiring Disadvantaged Youth

Disadvantaged youth play a big part in the growth of the Town Kitchen, which partners with other companies hiring kids from similar backgrounds.<p><i>This is the latest in my series of posts spotlighting underrepresented communities around the world and the entrepreneurs trying to help them. In this</i> …

San Francisco

New Service Delivers Refillable Products in Glass Containers to Your Door

So, you’ve been reading about ways to reduce your plastic use, including bringing back empty bottles and containers of personal care and cleaning …

Ces agriculteurs qui court-circuitent la grande distribution

FIGARO DEMAIN - 35 paysans du Grand-Est se sont regroupés pour acheter un supermarché et ainsi vendre leurs produits directement aux consommateurs. …

Une petite ferme normande devient un modèle dans le monde entier

FIGARO DEMAIN - La ferme du Bec Hellouin pratique une méthode de production agricole inspirée du fonctionnement de la nature qui séduit de plus en …

BBC World Service - BBC World Hacks, Denmark’s Food Waste Vigilante

Food waste is a massive global problem: the EU alone throws away 88 million tonnes a year. Much of this ends up in landfill and produces dangerous greenhouse gasses which contribute to climate change. In Europe 53% of food waste comes from households, and one woman has made it her mission to stop …

Not For Sale

Our founder, David Batstone receives today the 2017 Harari Conscious Leadership and Social Innovation Award at the University of San Francisco.<p>The …

Our Impact

We used to believe in monogamy<p>One charity partner kind of people. But then we got to thinking – is there really such thing as 'the one'? So we …

Quebec grocery stores in province-wide program to send unused produce to food banks

Supermarkets across Quebec will now be giving their leftover produce to food banks in need.<p>Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ) announced the launch of the …

Son Kim of Lions Center for the Blind Prepares You For Success In Tech by Tech Inclusion - Listen to music


Marco Rogers, Engineering Manager at Clover Health On Building Diverse Teams by Tech Inclusion - Listen to music


Maica Gil of SF Intl Women Entrepreneurs: Voice For Empowering Women Entrepreneurs by Tech Inclusion - Listen to music

Women Entrepreneurs

Melinda Briana Epler, CEO at Change Catalyst On The State Of The Industry by Tech Inclusion - Listen to music


Thibault Duchemin, CEO at AVA.me explores total accessibility by Tech Inclusion - Listen to music


Sarah Clatterbuck, Dir. of Engineering at LinkedIn is building inclusive products by Tech Inclusion - Listen to music


Antonio Williams of Comcast NBCUniversal on the need for your workforce to reflect its customers by Tech Inclusion - Listen to music


Abby Maldonado, D&I Specialist at Pinterest is a catalyst for change in diversity & inclusion by Tech Inclusion - Listen to music


Yelp’s Rachel Williams: Why Diversity Doesn’t Matter Without Inclusion

By Jared Karol<p>As head of Diversity and Inclusion at Yelp, Rachel Williams is responsible for creating a diverse workforce — including ethnic and …

Maica Gil’s Endless Quest for Empowering Women Around the World

By Jared Karol<p>What drives people to create inclusive communities?<p>For Maica Gil, founder of the San Francisco International Women Entrepreneurs Forum, …

From HBCU to Startup: Hadiyah Mujhid on Creating Pathways Into Tech

By: Jared Karol<p><i>Listen to the full podcast with Hadiyah Mujhid</i> <i>here</i><i>.</i><p>Hadiyah Mujhid, founder of the company HBCU to Startup, a platform that connects …

Deldelp Medina, director of residency at Code2040 on what it means to be an entrepreneur by Tech Inclusion - Listen to music