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20 Super-Effective Stability Ball Exercises

What’s the deal with those big bouncy balls taking up space around the gym? Stability balls (also called exercise balls, balance balls, Swiss balls, …


Why Running Doesn't (Always) Burn Fat

"My body just can't lose weight."<p>The voice on the other end of the phone sounded beaten, frustrated, and hopeless.<p>"If you knew. If you knew how hard …

Homemade Lip and Cheek Tint with Natural Oils

DIYs are exciting, because you never know what innovation you are capable of. I had this brainwave of making a lip oil out of unused lipsticks, and …


Skincare | Anti Ageing Tips

Who better to ask for a clever youth boost than the best hair and make-up pros in the business...<p><b>1. Teeth</b><p>'You need more than a whitening toothpaste …

Skin Care

Watch Out For Sore Muscles: Here Are 5 Signs It Could Actually Be an Injury

<i>For those of you who have been working out a lot lately, good for you. You feel good and healthy, but for some reason your muscles won't stop being sore. Well, our friends at Shape tell us why always being sore isn't always the best sign.</i><p>Those of us who have ever experienced that two-days-later, …

6-Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners (VIDEO)

I think it’s pretty safe to guess that if you’re reading this, then you’re also most likely one of the countless Americans who are looking to kick …

Aerobic Exercise

Why Your Running Socks Are Just As Important As Your Shoes - Women's Running

For runners, shoes usually get all of the hype. But what about those other things that you put on your feet? You may not realize, but your running …

4 Common Workout Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Designing your own workout? People have the best of intentions when coming up with their own exercise programs but, sadly, often commit one or two …

Weight Loss

8 TRX Moves That Increase Strength - Women's Running

Bodyweight training is a great way to strengthen your running muscles in the comfort of your living room. No equipment, no problem! Well, except …

8 Body Weight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Are you worried you don’t have the right gear for a good workout? Don’t be, says Michele Olson, Ph.D., professor of exercise science at Auburn …

4 Reasons Not to Skip Rest Days

Here are four examples:<p><b>1. Sleep Troubles</b><p>That ever-so-fluffy pillow and heavenly silk-topped mattress won't do you any good when you are tossing and …


Try These HIIT Treadmill Workouts to Get in Shape Fast

A HIIT treadmill workout can be a great way for an athlete to build up conditioning. It features short bursts of intense activity followed by longer …


Your 15-Minute At-Home HIIT Workout

Can't make it to the gym? By alternating short bursts of all-out exercise with less intense periods, you can achieve more. Try this high-intensity interval training (HIIT) plan by trainer Ramona Braganza four times a week and you'll feel firmer in a month.<p>Start with 30 seconds of light cardio, then …

Yoga and the New Year: How to Create Lasting Change

Self-improvement is at the top of everyone's New Year's resolution list. An estimated 45% of Americans resolve to make some form of personal change each year. And though intentions start out strong, research suggests that merely 8% of people successfully achieve their resolutions. This number may …