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CIC Julius S. Malema, thanks so much for loving Africa. U inspired me and many others just by following u.The EFFL is fast growing just few months after we announced this vision in Liberia.U are truly our hero in Africa.May God bless you and the leadership of EFF in South Africa https://t.co/M479oFvVVb

This speech right here moved me. My whole body moved. I even forgot that Chicco Twala was in front of me. It was this time I wanted to go where Chicco Twala was seated & tell him that, that's Julius Malema right there. #WinnieMandela #WinnieMadikizelaMandela #WinnieMandelaFuneral https://t.co/4g2T8LZ8zz

Nelson Mandela Foundation mama Winnie Tribute, 9 April 2018

'' I warned that we OVER NEGOTIATED, and truth was we may have lost the LAND again in the process, our struggle was for LAND - it was always been the return of land to the owners of the LAND'' - Mother of the Nation- Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. #WinnieMandela https://t.co/c3UWadreZv

South Africa is the most unequal country in the world. ~World Bank report 2018 The report found thatbRupert, Oppenheimer, Stellenbosch Tycoons, etc. (top 1% of South Africans) own 70.9% of the country’s wealth. https://t.co/mv79cP7ADz

Jacob Zuma himself was corruption. #SOBTNA2018 https://t.co/M4N67AX1k6

Did you see this? https://t.co/LU1hTy88lT

More PAC/Poqo members passed through the South African gallows more than any other political organisation in South Africa. Most of these unknown and forgotten freedom fighters were involved in the initial insurrections against apartheid which saw formation of the armed struggle https://t.co/Kmq8GVI1zg

Dj Styles - Komo kaJOSHUA 🔥🔥🔥 #ASIYI https://t.co/Ji0HNXd0Es

Africa: Zimbabwe, Mugabe's first interview, since the ouster by a congregration of Hypocrites. 16-03-2018 https://t.co/YxJHWZvRIE

Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini KaBhekuzulu says the South African Government must be forced to stop threatening to take the land of the Zulu nation, “not unless it wants to see something else.”@eNCA https://t.co/ZXAZj9obIL

His Excellency, Hon. President Of The Republic Of South Africa Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa sworn in!✊🏿🙌🏾🙏🏿😀🍾🥂#CyrilRamaphosa https://t.co/359jXOKomi

@AdvBarryRoux Here is a video https://t.co/vYzYCFz2vH

Fresh Congo violence fuels displacement to Uganda

Young refugee children from the Democratic Republic of Congo walk to school in Kyangwali Refugee settlement in Hoima District on August 8, 2017. © …



B&R initiative provides new platform for women, youth: UN official - Xinhua

BEIJING, May 15 (Xinhua) -- The chief of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said Monday the Belt and Road Initiative provides a new …

United Nations

After President Trump fired James Comey, politicians on both sides of the aisle changed their attitudes toward the ousted FBI director https://t.co/g9P6RfNpxy

Benni McCarthy opens up on racism in football

<b>South African footballer Benni McCarthy says he had to overcome racist abuse while playing in Holland and Spain, but that fans in England would insult his mother, but not the colour of his skin.</b>