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Yoga: A Secret Weapon Against Back Pain

<b>By Dr. Mercola</b><p>The vast majority of Americans will experience back pain at some point during their lives. In most cases (upwards of 90 percent), the …

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Who is the kindest person in Washington according to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson? #ShareKindness https://t.co/hM9xue2MEM

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11 Seriously Wonderful Self-Massage Tips That Will Make You Feel Amazing

Go ahead, rub one out.<p>BuzzFeed Life spoke to Sulyn Silbar, ACSM-certified personal trainer and founder of Body + Mind NYC, and Luke Bongiorno, physical therapy director of NY SportsMed & Physical Therapy, who recommended these simple self-massages. You can do some with your hands only, while others …


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Making major purchases can be life-changing events. And, if you are making these investments for the...<p>Writing skills In the world of online and …

How to Self-Massage Stress Away

We all know stress is terrible for us, but it can be hard to find ways to make it go away, particularly when you can’t always control what’s causing …