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This Pilates-Inspired Workout Will Make You Feel Taller Instantly

We spend all day leaning forward (driving, typing, reading, cooking, the list goes on). And, “The more time we spend in these forward positions the …


The World’s #1 Food For Heart Attack, Hypertension, Stroke And Cholesterol

Dates are one of the oldest cultivated fruits. Wonderfully sweet, they have been cultivated since 6000 B.C. Dates are delicious treat that belong to …


The All News and Informations

Gluten is a protein discovered within the cereals wheat, barley and rye, and is subsequently generally present in pasta, muffins, […]<p>The matter of …

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An Effective Total-Body Workout For Beginners

Don't overcomplicate your workout—it doesn't need to fancy or intricate to be effective. Diana Mitrea, NYC-based trainer and co-founder of Stronger …

Bodyweight Exercise

Four fruits for diabetic patients

<b>Four fruits for diabetic patients</b><p>When you hear diabetics, what readily comes to mind? Well, according to the News Medical Life Sciences it was …


6 Plyometric Exercises That Will Give You a Leg Up

Research has shown that runners who employ <b>plyometrics</b> in their training perform better in time trials on less mileage than runners who only run. So …


'Pokémon GO's Newest Mystifying Change Erases Spawns And Sightings While Driving

Well, we couldn’t get through a week without another <i>Pokémon GO</i> related controversy, so here we are. Last week, the community was upset that Niantic essentially killed all third party tracking tools for the game, didn’t replace it with anything better, and outright confirmed they had no ETA on the …


NFL Week 6 in Pictures

Cincinnati Bengals

5 Oblique Exercises This Trainer Does When She Wants To Feel The Burn

While exercises like planks and mountain climbers are great for targeting your core, you also want to incorporate some oblique-focused work in your …


Kimchi Bibim Guksu (Spicy Cold Noodles with Kimchi)

What do you make for lunch, or dinner for that matter, when there seems to be nothing in your fridge? For Koreans, it’s usually a dish made with …

3 Tips For Running Downhill (Without Getting Hurt)

<b>Train on descents – without getting hurt – to build strength, boost coordination, and even have some fun.</b><i> – By Cindy Kuzma</i>Image by Clarke ToltonWhen …

Exercise Is For Sale


<b>Nowadays</b>, a lot of fitness gyms are built side by side. Business owners knew that <i>healthy lifestyle</i> is greatly in demand in the market today. Every …

Extreme Sports

Why core strength is important for low back pain sufferers

When most people think of core strength the first two things that come to mind are washboard abs and a flat tummy. But core strength is much more …