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جويل حاتم تقرر خوض تجربة الغناء

فاجأت عارضة الأزياء ​جويل حاتم​ محبيها بإعلانها عن خوض تجربة الغناء الغربي، وأنها على إستعداد للقيام بكل ما يلزم لتحسين خامة صوتها والإنطلاق في عالم …

A Park Ranger's Guide to Denali

TravelInsider's Guide<p>Wildlife biologist <b>Patricia Owen</b> has worked at <b>Denali National Park</b> for more than 25 years. Her specialty? Grizzlies and other charismatic megafauna. While overseeing the park’s wildlife management program to minimize human-wildlife conflicts through education, Pat gets up close …

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This Is Why You Should Consider Xeriscaping Your Lawn

This style of gardening reduces the need for supplemental water use — the Earth, and your wallet, will thank you.<p>Don't let the complicated sounding name scare you, xeriscaping is actually quite simple. And, according to Redfin, the gardening technique could help homeowners conserve both water and …

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