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Dad Grades: Marlin – Finding Nemo

In this edition of Dad Grades, we revisit the hilarious and touching Finding Nemo, Pixar’s 2003 meditation on fish fatherhood.<p>Finding Nemo takes …

Matthew Broderick

Might be my only talent

Enlightened dog

Dan Bilzerian

Black tweets: Nails it

What’s that smell?

Australian raptors start fires to flush out prey

In the first recorded instance of fire being used by animals other than humans, three Australian birds of prey species have been seen carrying …


Why Samsung's Home of the Future Concept Scares the Hell Out of Me

Picture this: you live in the future. Your gadgets are voice-controlled. You’re lazy, so you don’t want to walk over to a smart speaker to bark your …

Elon Musk is Releasing a $600 Flamethrower to the Public

Elon Musk isn’t your typical Billionaire. In an economic bracket known for eccentric behaviors, Musk stands out. The South African-born American …

Elon Musk

The First “Super Blue Blood Moon” In Over 150 Years Is Happening In A Few Days

If you live in the Western United States, you don’t want to miss the incredibly rare lunar event happening later this month. (If you don’t, now is …


Bohemian Rhapsody | Muppet Music Video | The Muppets

Bohemian Rhapsody

Cat Brings Enormous Live Rat Into House, Mom Freaks, Epic Hilarity Ensues

Watch this family deal with a live rat in their house and try not to die laughing<p>If you’ve ever had an outdoor cat as a pet, chances are you’re …


Airstream's Basecamp Is a Lightweight Trailer Stuffed With Smart Travel Solutions

Tackle new terrain with the lightest Airstream travel trailer yet.<p>Because of its compact, lightweight design, Basecamp is towable even with small- and mid-sized SUVs and Crossovers, and its streamlined form is ideal for both long and short treks.<p>Basecamp can sleep up to five guests.<p>Features include …


Why Cats Are Liquids, According to Science

This is fact.<p>Filed Under Animals & Biology<p>The revolution will not be televised. It'll be sent to your inbox by us.<p>Cats exist in their own three …


What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right

Non-Westerners do not magically become American by arriving on our shores with a visa.

Satan Claims Responsibility For Kale

SPIRITUAL REALM—Amid claims that the ungodly, disgusting substance could not have possibly been conceived of by a benevolent creator, the great …


Guess I won’t be able to use it

Black tweets

A amazon reviewer was trying to show how roomy this litter box is…

Fart-tracking pill spies on your gut gases

A swallowable capsule unveils the secrets of our digestive system by following the trail of food through the gut.<p>For most people, the digestive tract is a mystery. We eat and drink. Hidden things happen. Maybe our stomach rumbles or noises that would make Mel Brooks giggle come out. We do it all …

This Is The Most Awesome RV Ever !

Who says you cannot take all your toys with you if you are on an RV? Well, Doug ...<p>Who says you cannot take all your toys with you if you are on an …

15 Fascinating Facts About David Bowie

The music industry lost one of its most iconic artists when David Bowie passed away from liver cancer on January 10, 2016. Bowie’s death came as a …

Awesome dad and his kids created Wonder woman’s invisible jet using LEGO

Chocolate skulls have exposed brains made of gummy and walnuts

Doh! Police used a scheme from The Simpsons to capture 21 criminals

The police force from South Yorkshire used a ruse from The Simpsons to catch criminals, and it actually worked. Chief Wiggum must be so proud. The …

The Simpsons

Intel CEO sold $24m of his shares before a serious design flaw was made public. This is their proposed new sticker


Mounted gaming systems