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Creatinine 6.8 with kidney disease, which treatment is best for me

<b>Creatinine 6.8 with kidney disease, which treatment is better for me.</b> I am a kidney disease patient and my creatinine level rose to 6.8, the doctor …

Beijing TongShanTang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine-Nephropathy in various stages of the symptoms, prevention, diet, examination, treatment advice-Tong Shantang Hospital

Hypertensive nephropathy, the patient is usually ag View More >><p>He came from Saudi Arabia, who is 70 years old, had View More >><p>EFNDI was a Muslim …


Treatment of Hypertensive Nephropathy with Traditional Chinese Medicine-Kidney Disease Hospital In China

<b>Hypertensive renal damage in the late performance</b><br>A: renal function changes in the late stage, showing a small amount of urine protein, some moderate …

Traditional Chinese Medicine

End stage renal failure (uremia) hemodialysis treatment

Uremia is a kind of serious disease caused by renal failure accompanying water electrolyte and acid-base imbalance. This disease can cause heart …


Nephrotic therapy for syndrome nutritional focuses on

Objective: To discuss the nutritional treatment of patients with nephrotic syndrome. Methods: Nutritional therapy and health education were performed …


How to treat nephrotic syndrome with traditional Chinese Med

With the development of the times and social progress, more and more people are suffering from chronic diseases of various chronic diseases, long …

Alternative Medicine

Under what condition do uremia need dialysis?

Generally,when serum creatinine reach 707umol/L(8mg/dl ,Urine nitrogen is 30mmol/L(80mg/d1 or endogenous creatinine clearance rate of <10ml/min, then …


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nephrotic syndrome nursing care plan

Nephrotic syndrome is not an independent disease, but a group of clinical syndrome caused by a variety of kidney diseases with the following …


diet of uremia|uremia dietary guidelines|uremic diet list|uremic diet foods

The basic pathogenesis of uremic patients is intrinsic spleen and kidney deficiency and damp, so the appropriate prescriptions regarding daily diet …


What drinks are good for protecting kidneys?

Here are some friends with similar question as we. <b>what drinks are good for kidneys?</b> In this article, we will list some foods and drinks to protect …


What is the strict diet of the stage 3 chronic renal failure

chronic renal failure stage 3 is the strict diet ? Diet modulation is the basis of all drug treatment, chronic renal failure in patients with …


The clinical efficacy of Chinese medicine treatment of uremia

Uremia is a serious kidney disease that because of loss of kidney function caused by water and electrolyte, acid-base imbalance caused by the …


What are the complications of uremic patients after dialysis?

Unbalanced syndrome: This dialysis complication of uremia refer to the process of dialysis or shortly after dialysis, the emergence of the nerve …


The cause of high serum creatinine

home >><p>Serum creatinine is the metabolic product of human body muscle. It comes into being through irreversible non-enzyme dehydration reaction, then …


What is Hypertensive Nephropathy?

Why high blood pressure cause kidney disease?

home >><p>2017-04-11 09:19<p>High blood pressure can cause kidney damage, which is commonly referred to as hypertensive nephropathy. This king of …


Treatment measures for hypertensive nephropathy patients

what are the symptoms for kidney failure?

home >><p>2017-04-10 09:45<p>1.severe renal failure patients with nasal bleeding or gastrointestinal bleeding.<p>2 kidney failure cardiovascular system …

Cardiovascular System

Late uremia introduces a common symptoms?

Kidney Failure

How should the patient with kidney failure high creatinine eat? Why have high creatinine level, how should the patient eat? Creatinine is a very …


How to choose the medicine to get lupus nephritis

home >><p>2017-03-18 11:19<p>It's clinical manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus complicated this disease, because it will endanger the multiple …


Hypertension in patients with dietary taboo what?

High Blood Pressure

Rational diet of hypertensive nephropathy


Low back pain is the IGA nephropathy do?

home >><p>2017-04-07 15:54<p><b>Low back pain is IGA nephropathy</b>: IgA nephropathy is very serious, must be treated early, and low back pain is common symptoms …

Massage Therapy

what is renal hypertension|renal hypertension symptoms and treatment

home >><p>2017-08-12 16:42<p>Renal hypertension symptoms and treatment. Renal hypertension is a secondary hypertension, mainly due to renal parenchymal …


What are the symptoms of kidney disease?

home >><p>2017-03-02 11:41<p>1 edema. The kidney is the organ of the human body excretion of water, kidney is not good, excess water will accumulate in the …


what is the normal creatinine level for kidneys?

Creatinine is the product of muscle metabolism in the human body, every 20g muscle metabolism can produce 1mg creatinine. Creatinine is mainly …


What is the main cause of chronic nephritis?

On the treatment of chronic nephritis we must reason, experts, chronic nephritis is a more serious disease, a great harm in the country, if the early …


Diet control of hypertensive nephropathy

home >><p>2017-04-03 16:31<p>Hypertension nephropathy is a special disease in the type of nephropathy, and hypertension nephropathy treatment requires a …