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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will have a New Game+ mode

Eidos Montreal has announced via Twitter that the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will have a New Game+ mode. What specifically that will entail …

Ranking the best and worst of the Civilization series

survey fridays<p>I remember there being a lot of anger when Civilization V launched. <i>It just wasn't Civ IV, the glorious, glorious Civ IV. But a few</i> …

Sign Up for your Closed Beta Boarding Pass NOW!

Hi, Captains!<p>The moment you have all been waiting for is here! In tandem with our presence on the show floor at gamescom, we have opened the sign-ups …

Betrayer 6


Iron Maiden - Speed Of Light (Official Video)

Iron Maiden

Dying Light: The Following – Reveal Trailer


Dark Brotherhood Guide: Areas

The Colovian coast between the Brena and Strid rivers, also known as the Gold Coast, is the westernmost region of the old Empire. Separated from the …

Resident Evil 2 Remake – Special Message from Producer “H”

Resident Evil

Fallout 4: New perks, new shooting, and a very familiar feel

A case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." But hey, no level cap!<p>COLOGNE, Germany—Once you've built up the kind of reputation and fan base enjoyed …

Spy on a vampiric slumber party in the browser port of 'Night Trap'

There's a <i>Night Trap</i> fan group on Facebook. This isn't too surprising, considering <i>Night Trap</i>'s storied past in the video game industry and its unabashed, nostalgic charm. It's a full-motion video game (FMV) -- meaning it stars real people, just like a live-action movie -- released in 1992 for the …

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Theatre Briefing Demo (Syria)

Tomb Raider

WildStar: Free-To-Play Teaser

Dirty Deeds

Star Trek Online: Season 11 - New Dawn - Official Announce Trailer

Star Trek

Final Fantasy 15 offers three new looks at its open world

Square Enix today issued another three screenshots for <i>Final Fantasy 15</i>, showing off three high-definition looks at the game's overworld.<p>Above is Restalm, a city within the region of Duscae (the namesake of the demo launched back in March). The city uses Cuba as a design inspiration, according to a …