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Funny Cat YouTube Videos: You Really Should Be Watching More of Them

A new study says that watching funny cat videos on YouTube is good for you and you should do it as often as possible, regardless of whether you like …

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Cats 101

Abyssinian or Himalayan? Choosing a cat breed to meet your lifestyle assures a perfect fit.

Baby French Bulldog Drinking From A Cup

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Mama Cat Teaches The Cutest Blue-Eyed Kitten How To Drink

ARS_Blog_DTOP_BelowTitle_300x250<p>Mama cats are the best teachers. Watch as her adorable baby, with the bluest eyes, learns how to drink water from a …

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10 Reasons Why Wolves Are Actually Really Lovable

<b>Here are ten reasons to love wolves - and why knowledge of their conservation is important.</b><p><b>1. Humans are not on their menu.</b> Wolves have a natural …

22 Dog Best Friends Who Love Each Other A Lot

Warning: Dangerous levels of cuteness ahead.


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Funny Dog Enjoying His Day

5 Things You Should Never Do When Training Your New Pup

<i>This is a guest post by Beth Jeffery of Top Dog Tips. Jeffery is a professional dog trainer and animal behaviorist with 15 years of experience in the</i> …


Black Cats Don’t Have Anything To Do With Bad Luck

Often, when a black cat crosses your path, you think that you’ll have bad luck, especially when this happens on Friday the 13th. However, …

Serbian stray dog advocate fights to save his 450 pooches

"I know exactly how each dog arrived at my shelter, I know their names, personalities," says Pesic as he patted one of his charges.<p>It all started when Pesic, out of work like around 17 percent of Serbians, came upon four abandoned puppies in woods near his home.<p>The discovery changed his life …

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Mama Dog Saves All 9 Puppies from Forest Fire by Burying Them in a Hole

(Photo: Megavision)<p>Last week, there was a <b>huge forest fire</b> near Valparaiso, Chile. A mama dog found a way to save all 9 of her young puppies. She …


Rescue dog beats the odds with unstoppable smile

Photos: Sorasart Wisetsin/Gluta's Facebook<p>Meet Gluta, a charismatic pup whose default setting is a massive doggy smile. Whether she's dressed up as a …


Look At These Tiny Cats In Their Tiny Cat Beds

In Japan, the Duktig, IKEA’s $20 “doll bed,” is being used in a whole new way: as a chaise lounge for our lazy feline friends.<p>HuffPost Japan has rounded up some of the best -- and most adorable -- images of cats hanging out on their very own tiny IKEA beds. Once the Swedish furniture juggernaut has …


This puppy has been trained to ring a bell when it wants to go outside

We all know about Pavlov right? The guy who experimented with dog training and taught his canines to associate the sound of a bell with food to the …

How To Tell A Bobkitten From A Regular Kitten

Bobkitten or regular kitten? While both look cute nibbling on your finger, one might actually eat that finger. This is the latest litter born in the …


Attention all cat lovers: Whiskas have made a camera that lets your pet post to Instagram

It’s the ultimate essential for all cat lovers that you didn’t even know you needed.<p>Whiskas Australia have created a wearable camera for your feline …

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Incredible Little Girl with No Feet Becomes Best Friends with Paw-Less Puppy

Three-year-old Sapphyre Johnson was born with no toes or fingers due to a unique birth defect. Because of this, she has been a regular patient at Shriners Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina since she was an infant. When she was only a baby, doctors decided to amputate her legs, so that it would …


39 Photos For Anyone Who's Just Having A Bad Day


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New Birth Has Virginia Zoo Seeing Stripes

‘Abbey’, a 14-year-old Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, at the Virginia Zoo, gave birth to a female foal April 13th. This is the second foal for Abbey and …

St. Maarten ResQte ACTION!

Spread the Cute:<p>[*Note: <i>Can’t wait</i> ’til Thursday’s ResQte of the Week. Going up Monday 14:00. -Ed.]<p>“Attached is a photo of Melvin and Melody, siblings …

19-Year Bobcat Study Discovers Extreme Cuteness

Title<p>19-Year Bobcat Study Discovers Extreme Cuteness<p>Chris Clarke was KCET's Environment Editor until July 2017. He is a veteran environmental …

25 Cute Cat and Baby Funny Pictures Together

Ads<p>Whether it is a cat or whether it is a baby, when both of them will be seen together, they will look ultimate cute and charming enough! Cats and …


31 Palms Overflowing With Cuteness

Tiny creatures are just so very cute! When a baby (or full grown) animal is capable of fitting in the palm of your hand, the cuteness is just too …

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