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Top 10 Things to Do with Kids in Las Vegas

176 Shares<p>Las Vegas. Noisy casinos, smoky hotel rooms, gambling tables, strip clubs, and excessive drinking, it doesn’t exactly scream kid-friendly. …

Serve and enjoy~JRB~


Add your fill. then the top crust.. bake for 15 to 20mins....

Greece the pan make your dough...

Making a fresh pie from scratch... Start with the basics... Fresh apple some spice and I like to add 100% apple juice and Bible until desired taste.. then off to the crust

Bright yellow... pretty

It the sad but ohh so true storie in my life... Miss you Jes

my new car

This Super-Saturn Alien Planet Might Be the New 'Lord of the Rings'

A newly discovered alien planet's ring system puts Saturn's collection to shame.<p>The exoplanet, called J1407b, could even harbor at least one Earth or …

#SolarSunday In this image, taken by Hubble, is the galaxy cluster SDSS J1038+4849 — and it seems to be smiling

J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy to Kick Off STAR WARS CELEBRATION

just good food

AC/DC power supply serves medical and ITE applications

• Read more about AC/DC power supply serves medical and ITE applications<br>• Comments


Making strides in explaining 30-year-old 'hidden order' physics mystery

• Read more about Making strides in explaining 30-year-old 'hidden order' physics mystery <br>• Comments


Galatea Smart Pearl hits the Kickstarter trail

by Edwin<p>They say that diamonds are forever, but what about pearls? These certainly have their fair share of luster, don’t you think so? Well, having …

Android Phones

Gotham Boss Bruno Heller Teases "The Beginning of the Joker Saga" | TV Guide

Ben McKenzie, Cameron Monaghan<p>No joke: Batman's most famous supervillain is coming to Fox's <i>Gotham</i>.<p>Although series creator Bruno Heller initially …

The Joker

Why Apple is making a car

CEO Tim Cook approved development a year ago, according to Daisuke Wakabayashi and Mike Ramsey at The Wall Street Journal. Steve Zadesky, an Apple VP, has permission to hire 1,000 people to build an electric car.<p>This is fairly stunning news.<p>Apple makes high-margin computers that are replaced every …

Tim Cook

Save Yourself - My Darkest Days (Acoustic Cover)

Electronics & Appliances: Tablets, Smartphones, TVs | Samsung US

Get the Galaxy you love.<p>Now yours with Samsung financing.<p>Sign up for a Samsung Account.<p>Sign up for a Samsung Account today, for easy product …

How Habits Can Impact User Behavior

hab·it [<b>hab</b>-it] <b>noun</b><p>an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary<p>In the book The Power of Habit, author … - is for sale (Mf Coa)

Hurry - once it's sold this opportunity will be gone!<p>Besides being memorable, .com domains are unique: This is the one and only .com name of it's …

How Would the World Change If We Found Alien Life?

In 1938, Orson Welles narrated a radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds" as a series of simulated radio bulletins of what was happening in real time …