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Debt and the Racial Wealth Gap

IF you are black, you’re far more likely to see your electricity cut, more likely to be sued over a debt, and more likely to land in jail because of a parking ticket.<p>It is not unreasonable to attribute these perils to discrimination. But there’s no question that the main reason small financial …



The Inequality for All iPhone and iPad app is designed to help concerned citizens take action and stay informed and engaged with our …

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Ferguson, U.S.A.

The August 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown upended the suburban town of Ferguson, Missouri, and sent ripples of shock, fear, pain, anger and …


Library social worker helps homeless seeking quiet refuge

<b>JUDY WOODRUFF:</b><p>About four million people visit their local library every day in the U.S. Some have nowhere else to go. The American Library …


Teaching Cultural Competence

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter to Unitarian Universalists.

Black Lives Matter

The Five Essential Practices for Teaching the Civil Rights Movement

The March Continues<br>The Five Essential Practices for Teaching the Civil Rights Movement<p>Teaching the civil rights movement should empower students to …


P&A/CAP Network

<b>Protection and Advocacy (P&A) System and Client</b> <b></b><p><b>Assistance Program (CAP)</b> <b></b><p>The Protection and Advocacy (P&A) System and Client Assistance Program (CAP) …

Staten Island

America’s wealth gap between middle-income and upper-income families is widest on record

The wealth gap between America’s high income group and everyone else has reached record high levels since the economic recovery from the Great …

5 Tips For Being An Ally



LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE<p><b>for Cultural Diversity & Cultural Linguistic Competence</b> Supporting Individuals with Intellectual & Developmental …


Refugees who land in Colo. share their stories through pictures


C-SPAN Classroom


Mary Poppins Quits with Kristen Bell

Mary Poppins


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Cultural Humility (complete)


Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming

Nick Hanauer is a rich guy, an unrepentant capitalist — and he has something to say to his fellow plutocrats: Wake up! Growing inequality is about to …

Perspectives for a Diverse America


Lunch Lines

When Dr. Rajiv Bhatia walked into the lunchroom at Mission High School in San Francisco in 2007, he couldn’t believe what he saw. Bhatia, then …

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Abuse of Power

A cherished belief runs deep in our psyches: A belief in the compassion of teachers whose heroic efforts transform the lives of students. There is …

TEDxSyracuseUniversity 2014: Mozart Guerrier - "The Secret to Lasting Community Change"


Debate over inequality highlights sharp partisan divisions on the issue

Some of the most contentious issues in American politics are the growing gap between rich and poor, the cause of such inequality and what to do about …

Diversity, Equity and Justice

The need for digital literacy is acute and vital in today’s world. Our new initiative can help prepare students to navigate this world.

Appendix D: Resources

Speak Up at School<br>Appendix D: Resources<p>More On Speaking Up<p>Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry This is a companion guidebook to Speak Up at …

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