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Gear Tip: Keep Your Jacket Secure

Too warm? This gear tip shows you how to secure your jacket without missing a step.

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A Better Blend

Nutritious, flavorful ingredients lift the postrun smoothie to healthier heights.<p>After a long or hard run, the last thing you may feel like doing is eating a big meal, particularly if your workout left you queasy. But you need to refuel, preferably within 30 minutes, so you can recover. That …


Learning to Run Farther Than Seemed Possible

You will go farther than ever, and then you'll have to run home.<p>The small stretch of road I've been running on for the last five years is ideal in lots of ways. It's not too flat, so it rarely gets boring. The hills are abrupt and brief and look much worse than they feel—good for bragging rights …

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11 Foods You Need for a Healthy Immune System

Ramp up your diet to fend off sick days.<p>In the dark and cold winter months (snow or not!), give your immune system a boost with these foods so you have fewer sick days and more run days.<p><b>Living Foods</b><br>A healthy gut is your strongest ally when it comes to fending off viruses and the not-so-good …


Steps to Reducing Postrun Recovery

Training phases should dictate your methods.<p>You’ve pounded the protein shake, shivered in the ice bath,and mastered the art of self-massage. Because you should do everything you can to speed your recovery from today’s run, right? Maybe not. How much recovery work you do depends on how close race …


Is a Beginner Training Program Too Easy?

I want to start running but the beginner's plan seems too slow.<p><i>Hello,</i><p><i>I have never been a good runner, when I had to run at school I hated it because it made me feel really bad, physically. Otherwise I have never been very athletic but I'm not a complete couch potato either. I'm young and not really</i> …


Do Endurance Athletes Need Meat to Perform Well?

No, but make sure you're getting vitamins, minerals, and protein from other sources.<p><i>I am a collegiate runner who is considering switching from a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet to a diet including white meats such as chicken and turkey breast. Fellow runners and trainers have told me doing so would</i> …


Get Over It

Too tired, stressed, or hungry to run? Here's how to overcome these common obstacles.<p>As much as you may love to run, there are still days when simply tying your shoes requires a marathon effort. Morning runners groan when the alarm buzzes; midday runners battle full in-boxes and growling stomachs; …


On the Up Side

Simple adjustments make hill running more enjoyable.<p>Nothing builds running strength better than hills. Running inclines forces your muscles to work harder with each step; as you grow stronger, your stride becomes more efficient and your overall speed improves. Despite the benefits, many newcomers …


Pace Yourself

Do questions about setting (and maintaining) the right race pace constantly nag you? Relax. We've got the answers.<p>His start hardly foreshadowed history.<p>On that August 2009 night in Zurich, Switzerland, Dathan Ritzenhein immediately dropped to the back of the pack among the 15 runners in the …


Your First 10K

Take your training up a notch with a 6.2-mile challenge.<p>Every year, tens of thousands of runners flock to popular spring and summer 10K events such as the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans, the Bolder Boulder in Colorado, and in my hometown of Atlanta, the Peachtree Road Race, which I've run 35 …


Off to a Good Start

On race day, don't go out too fast—or too slow.<p>The beginning of a distance event is something to behold. Some runners—fresh from their taper and full of adrenaline—charge off at a pace that borders on reckless abandon. Not only is such a rush unnecessary, it may be counterproductive to the goal of …


How Many Times Per Week Should You Exercise?

Fewer workouts might be better for some -- but not for everybody.<p>Is it better to work out four times a week than six times a week? That's the finding of a new study in <i>Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise</i>, which Gretchen Reynolds reported on in the <i>New York Times</i> a few days ago. It's an …


Running with Dogs

Help wanted: Runners to pace pent-up pooches. Earn extra cash. And lots more.<p>With an anticipatory smile, Greta turned the key in the lock of the door and ushered me into the penthouse apartment. It was palatial, with huge windows looking out over Chicago's Grant Park, tastefully but lavishly …


How Do I Train Based on Heart Rate?

Once you figure out your zones, here's where you should be for easy runs, long runs, tempo runs, and intervals.<p><i>I just read your column “</i><i>How to Train with a Heart Rate Monitor</i><i>” and see you discuss heart rate and how to find your zones, but how do I use this knowledge to train? Thanks.</i> —<i>Forrest</i><p>Great …


7 Amazing Tricks to Lose Belly Fat!

Use these expert tips to burn flab, gain strength, and feel your best!<p>1. Run.<p>2. Run.<p>3. Run.<p>4. Run.<p>5. Take it easy for a day. You don’t want to burn out or get hurt.<p>6. Run.<p>7. Run.


Five Reasons for Training Fatigue

Here's why you may be experiencing mid-season fatigue--and how to overcome it.<p><i>I'm training for my fourth marathon this fall and attempting to improve my time. This season I'm struggling with lack of energy and strength in my workouts. The reason I'm writing is that it's lasted for several weeks</i> …


5 Core Workouts for Stronger Running

A strong core will help you hold proper running form longer.<p><i>Zach asks: I don't know that I'm what you'd call a beginner, but I think I am. I was just wondering if you could recommend some strength and core training for me? I've always neglected this part of fitness because I hate going to the gym,</i> …


5 Tips for Staying Motivated for Your First 5K

Making running a habit is tough for beginners but here's how to do it to make it stick.<p><i>Amanda asks: I'm training for my very first 5K and I'm having trouble sticking to my training routine. Any suggestions for how I can stay motivated?</i><p>Congratulations on starting training and welcome to running! …

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The 25 Golden Rules of Running

Time-tested, universally accepted axioms of the sport.<p>In most cases, these rules started out as a lightbulb over one runner’s head. After a while, that runner told a few running buddies (probably during a long run), word spread, and before you know it, coaches were testing it, sports scientists …


Weight loss - The Running Bug