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magicplan - Create a floor plan in just a few minutes.

Create Floor Plans. <br>Create Job Costing Calculations. <br>Estimate Materials & Costs. <br>With magicplan.<p>magicplan. The smart plan.<p><b>iOS 9.0</b> and above <b>Android</b> …


The original and still the best home inspection software on the Internet

<i>Lately I have been receiving offers from many companies that claim there home inspection software is the best and easiest inspection reporting</i> …

Real Estate

Home inspection software: Running an inspection business is now easy

We've made it easy for you to take inspections and keep track of them.<p>You'll be able to view your schedule from any location for you or your entire …

Project Management

Home Inspection Software - created by Tech Home Inspections Windows 8, Windows 7

<b>Tech Home Inspections Reporting System</b> is an easy to use home inspection software application that <b>creates inspection reports, invoices, and schedules</b> …


Identify & Report


Inspectware Home Inspection Software

• Fast and easy to use.<br>• Compatible with the newest version of Windows.<br>• Customizable framework which puts you in control.<br>• Simple photo integration with …


Home Inspection Software - IRC

Inspection Report Creator enables you to create professional inspection reports in accordance with national standards for home inspection from your …

Personal Computers

3D Inspection Software



The full version of Home Inspector Pro runs on any full Mac or Windows desktop, laptop or tablet.<p>Working in tandem with the companion app has huge …

U.S. Dept. of Energy

Home Inspection Software

Need Online Training Right Now?<p><b>Competitor upgrade!</b> If you are looking to move from Porter Valley, 3D Software, or Home Inspector Pro to HomeGauge …


Home Inspection Software: iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows Compatible

Home Inspection Software created for YOU!<p>Compatible with <b>iPhones, iPads, Android</b> and Windows, Palm-Tech is used by thousands of home inspectors …

Google Play

Home Inspection Software | Horizon Report Writing Software

Grow Your Business While You Sleep with Automated Emails<p>Powerful marketing system lets you automatically schedule high-quality emails.<p><b>Horizon …


InspectIt Home Inspection Reporting Software

Professional Home Inspection Reports, Made Fast & Easy!<p>InspectIt Home Inspection Software is the easiest reporting application to use on the market …

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Home Inspection Software for iPhone & iPad

We Help Home Inspectors Save 1-2 Hours per Inspection<p>Don’t waste time writing reports after the inspection, use Tap Inspect to easily complete …

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Spectacular Home Inspection System | Home Inspection Software | iPad, iPhone, Android & Windows app

Sort sections and comments in the app the way they'll appear on the report<p>Email, print, Dropbox, AirDrop, or ISN the report to the client on-site<p>Edit …

Windows Apps

Home Inspection & Property Management Software

IM Plus v 2.5 for iOS Available Now<p>With the release of iOS 10 today, we have released v 2.5 of the IM Plus app. To update your existing version, …

Project Management

Building Inspection App


Home Inspection Software

<b>home inspection software</b><p>Modern Software for the Independent Inspector<p>You work on the go, and mobile technology is finally mature enough to make a …

Personal Computers

Spectora Platform Walk-Through (6/29 Webinar)


Florida Home, Wind Mitigation, 4-Point, and Roof Insurance Inspections


Attic Insulation Methods

What’s the best way to insulate your attic? I started out last week’s blog post with that question and never got around to the answer. By the time I …

Home Improvement

Performing a Home Inspection on an Historic Home


House Style Guide to the American Home

01<p>of 55<p>1600s - 1950s: Cape Cod Style<p>What style is your house? Browse this photo gallery for the most popular housing styles and types in North …

Home Decorating Basics : How to Recognize Cottage Style

Home Decorating

North American House Types: One-Story Georgian Houses


Georgian Houses Video 2 | House Plans and More


North American House Types: Italianate Houses


North American House Types: Shingle Houses


North American House Types: Second Empire Houses