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Dry Shampoos So Good You'll Never Want To Wash Your Hair

You don't need water or a blowout to guarantee a good hair day.<p>You don't need water or a blowout to guarantee a good hair day—just one of these dry shampoos. They give fine, limp hair volume, add cool girl texture and actually clean dirty strands.

Hair Care

11 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Happy and Healthy

Your vagina really (really) wants you to read this.<p>You might think you know everything about keeping your lady parts in tip-top shape, but you could be wrong. From douching to ditching your annual exam, there are tons of common misconceptions about what you <i>should</i> do to maintain a healthy vagina. …

Women's Health

Travel Tip: What to Pack in Your Daybag

This is a question that you guys have asked time and time again. When I travel, there are a few things that are always in my bag. These keep me out of sticky situations and have made all the difference when I travel.<p><b>Baby Wipes</b><p>Simple, but useful. Baby wipes have an endless number of uses. Walking …

10 Wonderful Things You Should Know About Your Vagina

Consider this an ode to your amazing anatomy<p>You probably already know your vagina is seriously impressive. This amazing body part can bring about intense pleasure, annoying pain, and even another tiny human being. In short, it's pretty awe-inspiring. That's why we think it's crucial to stay on top …

Women's Health

3 Tips to Melt Your Muffin Top in Weeks

These three tricks are simple and obvious—and if you stick with them, they'll work just as well as any diet out there (if not better)<p><b>Be a Dairy Queen</b>In an <i>International Journal of Obesity</i> study, dieters who had three servings of fat-free yogurt a day for 12 weeks lost more fat around their waists …


7 Foods That Clear Your Complexion

Read on—and eat up!—to get more gorgeous skin<p><i>By Natasha Burton for Beauty High</i><p>While topical solutions for pimples can keep your face acne-free, you can actually help your skin along the road to clarity through your diet. What you put in your body reflects how it looks on the outside, after all.<p>To …


6 Reasons You're Not Seeing Results from Your Workouts

You're hitting the gym regularly, and you've broken up with Ben AND Jerry. So what gives?<p>When you decided to make fitness a priority, you were pumped. For the first few weeks or even months, things were cooking. You were feeling great, looking slimmer, and totally on your way toward a fitter you. …


10 All-Natural Face Scrubs to DIY

Let’s be real, here. Everyone’s favorite part about their skin regimen is exfoliating. It brings new life to your face by rubbing away dead skin and cleansing your pores. But those microbeads in many of the big name cleansers are no good for your skin <i>or</i> the environment. Believe it or not, Illinois …

Skin Care

67 (Yes, 67!) Ways to Lose More Weight

PROOF that there's more than one way to downsize<p><i>This article was written by Nicole McDermott and repurposed with permission from Greatist.</i><p>Losing weight is no easy task, and doing it the healthy way can be even harder. But instead of drastically changing your lifestyle with unsustainable habits, try …


The Best Workout for a Toned, Tight Butt

Trust us on this: This is a workout you should seriously get behind<p>Blast unwanted fat and create a knockout butt with this two-phase program from Perkins. First, the "Wake 'Em Up" body-weight exercises are designed to light up your central nervous system and get your glutes primed and ready. …


The 5 Fruits with the Highest—and Lowest—Sugar Counts

No, they don't have added sugar—but you should still have a rough idea of how much of the sweet stuff you're taking in.<p>Let’s start with this: Naturally occurring sugar is definitely preferable to the added kind. Still, you should have a general idea of how much you’re taking in each time you chow …


4 Exercises to Lift Your Boobs

Get ready to bust a move—and boost your bust.<p>Nothing short of surgery or gaining body fat can actually increase the size of your breasts. As for making them <i>look</i> bigger, well, that's why the chunk of change we spend on bras each year is larger than the GDP of Iceland.<p>Push-ups and padding aren't your …


14 Foods You Should NEVER Eat

Put these on your do-not-buy list.<p><i>This article was written by Leah Zerbe and Emily Main and repurposed with permission from</i> Rodale News<i>.</i><p>What's the one food you refuse to eat? Peas? Tofu? Liver and onions? Whatever it is, it's probably because you don't like the way it tastes, not necessarily …


Cinnamon Swirl Scones

Who says tea parties are just for kids? A relaxing get-together over a cup of tea and a few baked goods is the perfect way to spend an afternoon and …

11 Recipes That Will Change How You Cook Forever

You might think you make these 11 basic recipes well, but we have some game-changing tips that will make them even better<p>We admit it: There are some things we still don't know how to make. But there are also things that people think they make well that they actually completely ruin. Like scrambled …


The 7 Most Common Ways to Screw Up Your Chocolate Chip Cookies

It might seem impossible to mess up chocolate chip cookies, but people do. Here are the 7 mistakes you should avoid when baking them.<p>Chocolate chip cookies might be the first thing you ever baked—scoops from a tub of cookie dough, dropped straight onto your baking sheet. Though those drop-and-bake …


The 5-Minute Equipment-Free Total-Body Workout

No time? No equipment? It turns out you also have no excuses.<p>Here's what you need to get fit: 1) five minutes and 2) you.<p>This total-body workout uses super-fast bodyweight moves to torch calories and tone muscles in whatever time you have. The key is going all-out. Perform the first exercise at …


18 Exercise Upgrades for More Muscle

Kick your favorite go-to exercises up a notch.<p><i>The article was written by Rachel Cosgrove and repurposed with permission from Men's Health.</i><p>What if you could instantly make any exercise 10 times more effective? Chances are, you can. That's because most people make tiny (but key) technique errors on …


What Pregnancy Can Do To Your Skin — & How To Avoid It

Illustrated by Emily Turner.<p>Nesting, stocking up on baby items, eating well, and getting enough rest are likely at the top of the list when you're …

5 Techniques For Faking Your Way To Long Lashes

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.<p>Whether you’re going for dramatic or demure, a long, lush lash is an absolute beauty essential, perfect for amping up that …

Eat This and Lose Belly Fat!

Eat to lose your spare tire, with these superfoods from The Abs Diet for Women.<p>Eat to lose your spare tire, with these superfoods from <i>The Abs Diet for Women.</i> Via Good Housekeeping


Your 9 Biggest Shampoo Questions, Answered

The secret to great hair is all in how you wash it.<p>If you don't give your shampoo a second thought, think again. The right bottle (and the right regimen) can bring you the rich, shiny, healthy 'do of your dreams, according to the experts.<p><b>1. How often should I shampoo?</b>There's no harm in washing your …

Hair Care

7 Post-Workout Mistakes You're Probably Making

Any trainer will tell you that the real progress happens after you hit the gym (that's when your muscles are recovering and rebuilding). But are you undermining your own efforts?


7 Secrets to Confidence

Stick Your Straw into These 20 Slurp-worthy Milkshakes

It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot and humid in summer or frigid and icy in winter, we want milkshakes <i>all</i> the time. They’re creamy, flavorful, refreshing and you sip ’em through a straw. It doesn’t get much more enjoyable than that! We’ve gathered 20 of the most mouthwatering milkshake recipes out …


16 Foods Nutritionists Eat When They Want to Lose a Few Pounds

Consider this your weight-loss cheat sheet.<p>Lots of people call on nutritionists to help them overhaul their diets when they want to slim down. But what do R.D.s make sure to eat themselves if they notice their jeans have gotten a little snug? We surveyed 10 to find out which foods they swear by …


25 Life-Changing Ways to Use Q-tips

Brought to you by the editors of Cosmopolitan: Did you know cotton swabs shouldn't be used for cleaning out your ears? Use them instead to apply perfume, to remove a pimple, to create the perfect winged eyeliner, and much more.<p><b>1. Spray the ends of a few cotton swabs with your favorite perfume, and</b> …

You may want to get an extra large cup of coffee this morning. See the 7 best food and drinks to cure your hangover. http://bit.ly/1AmaV9v

10 Hot Weather Hair Ideas

Don't let your hair game falter when the temperatures start to rise.<p>Don't let your hair game falter when the temperatures start to rise. Here, 10 gorgeous celebrity styles to steal this summer.