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NY Jogger Murder Mystery || EXCLUSIVE Interview with Karina Vetrano's Parents (WITH CAPTIONS)

Anxiety and a Quest for Answers in Howard Beach Over Karina Vetrano's Murder

Cathy Vetrano GOES OFF On Her Daughter's Killer (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

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Was Karina Vetrano's Rape & Murder a Targeted Act - Or a Crime of Opportunity???

New Clues in the Mystery Howard Beach Homicide. Who Killed Karina, and WHY??

NYPD Comm. Bill Bratton is Resigning - So What Does That Mean on the Street??

Local Police Quietly Release WHITE Car Dealership Manager ARRESTED For Aiming GUN at BLACK Co-Worker

White Car Dealership Mgr. Aims Gun at Black Employee's Face & Asks, "Does This Look Familiar?"

The Beautiful Bloom of the Deadly Smelling Corpse Flower

When Gunshots Drive You Off Your Block - For Good

Pokemon Go at the Cemetery is a NO GO

SEVERAL Large Sharks Drive Swimmers off Coney Island Beach!!!

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The Ten K2 Commandments - #1: Don't Take More Than 2 Pulls

33 People OD on K2 (Synthetic Weed) in ONE day, in ONE Neighborhood

Dallas P.D. Used a "BOMB ROBOT" to kill the SNIPER Suspect

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Surviving in a Culture of Fear

How the LGBT Muslim Community Feels About Comparisons to Omar Mateen

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I'm 11 Years Old, and I Helped Set a School Bus on Fire - Just For Fun