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World's Greatest Peanut Butter Cookies

<b>Ingredients</b><p>2/3 cup all-purpose flour<br>1 tsp baking soda<br>1 stick unsalted butter, softened<br>1 cup creamy peanut butter<br>1 1/3 cups packed light-brown sugar<br>1 …


The Beast of Gévaudan

For 3 years the deep heart of France was terrorized by the notorious Beast of Gevaudan - a horror story so big it captured the attention King Lous XV


2017 CMT Artists of the Year Red Carpet Arrivals: See Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman and More Stars

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban<p>Cute couple alert! The Hollywood pair didn't disappoint fans as they looked madly in love on the red carpet and in the …


What we know and don't know about the deadly Niger attack

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Thursday that the "US military does not leave its troops behind" but did not provide additional details into why the body of Sgt. La David Johnson was recovered nearly 48 hours after his 12-member team was ambushed by 50 ISIS fighters in …


Healthy Crock Pot Recipes

Crock-Pots bring to mind rich, comforting dishes like creamy casseroles and hearty meat stews. But this method of cooking—in which ingredients are …


Even Doctors Are Amazed By This Remedy: It Prevents Heart Attack, Lowers Cholesterol and Boosts Your Immune System

Spread the love<p>Scientists, doctors and other medical experts claim that regular consumption of honey in combination with cinnamon is a powerful …

Alternative Medicine

Jennifer Lawrence shares sex harassment story

Leaders from Silicon Valley to Capitol Hill speak out in #metoo campaign. CNN's Amara Walker reports.

Jennifer Lawrence

The 10 Best Resorts in the U.S.

Spa resorts, ski resorts, mountain lodges—these are the top 10 resorts in the U.S., as chosen by <i>Condé Nast Traveler</i> readers in the 2017 Readers' Choice Awards survey.


"A deranged animal": Trump’s newest lie about Obama is causing fury inside and outside the military

Trump says he loves the military. His latest assault on Obama shows that he doesn’t.<p>President Trump lies so often, and on such an astonishingly wide array of topics, that it’s rare for any single one of them to spark as much raw fury as his baseless accusation that Barack Obama and other previous …

Donald Trump

Example: chemtrail vs. contrail. One disappears, the other disperses... #weather #chemtrails #lookup #conspiracy? https://t.co/SRDkGtym6n

These Make-Ahead-Dessert Recipes Make Life Better

AS I WRITE this, I’m nibbling on a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie I baked on a whim, without any messy measuring or mixing. It’s a trick I learned from home-baking guru Dorie Greenspan: Make the dough, portion it out with an ice cream scoop, freeze those nuggets of goodness, then bake them on …


For Perfect Baked Apples Every Time, Make Them In Your Crock Pot

Apples turn spoonably soft and intensely sweet in the slow cooker.<p>Crock pot baked apples are a cook's best-kept secret: with spoon-soft sweet apple …


Mac and Cheese Recipes To Try This Thanksgiving

1 of 17<p>Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese<p>Advertisement<p>2 of 17<p>Herbed Breadcrumb-Topped Macaroni and Cheese<p>3 of 17<p>Hugh’s Southern Mac and …


Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Servings: 12<p><b>Ingredients</b><p><i>Dough Balls</i><br>3/4 Cup All Purpose Flour<br>1/4 teaspoon Sea Salt<br>1/4 Cup Dark Brown Sugar<br>1/4 Cup White Sugar<br>1/4 Cup Unsalted Butter – …


5-Minute Yogurt and Nesquik Truffles (The Easiest Recipe Ever!)

This 5-minute yogurt and Nesquik truffles are so simple and easy to prepare! Plus, it’s very rich and delicious! Surprise your family or friends with …


Fish Depression Is Not a Joke

Can a fish be depressed? This question has been floating around my head ever since I spent a night in a hotel across from an excruciatingly sad-looking Siamese fighting fish. His name was Bruce Lee, according to a sign beneath his little bowl.<p>There we were trying to enjoy a complimentary bloody …

Bruce Lee

Shrimp Rolls Bring the Seafood Shack Home

Context is everything. When I'm ordering out at a seafood shack, I inevitably settle on ordering a lobster roll, despite the slightly more appealing price of a shrimp roll. But if I'm going to make a shellfish roll at home, it's the inverse.<p>The reason is twofold. First, I simply love lobster too …


The bigger man's guide to slimming down

Men with naturally larger physiques often find it difficult to shed weight and develop leaner bodies. Scott Laidler explains how to do it.<p>As I mentioned previously in my "<b>skinny man's guide to bulking up</b>", most workout plans you’ll come across in health and fitness magazines were designed by …


10 Fun, Easy And Delicious Christmas Treats To Make

There’s nothing more I love about Christmas than being a little lazy… I’m not one for darting around all the shops, stressing about buying some ill …


This Trainer Is Known as Hollywood's Secret Weapon. Here's How He Gets Actors Incredibly Ripped In Just 4 Months

Now you can build more muscle and find your abs with his go-to training plan<p>You’ve surely seen Ben Bruno’s work—his clients’ chiseled results are projected across movie screens worldwide. Bruno is known as Hollywood’s secret weapon, one of the select few guys that A-list actors call when they land …


The Best Beauty Products for Thinning Hair

Hair loss can be a confusing beauty concern to navigate. It’s totally normal to lose up to 150 strands per day, but when you feel like you’re …

Hair Care

Groundbreaking, farm-loving robots could change the future of agriculture

The University of Sydney's Australian Centre for Field Robotics are pioneers when it comes to robotic farming. Having developed a series of …


400 Mysterious Ancient Stone Structures Discovered in Saudi Arabia

Almost 400 mysterious stone structures dating back thousands of years have been discovered in Saudi Arabia, with a few of these wall-like formations …


Molly Ringwald Reveals A Crew Member Pressed His Erect Penis Against Her When She Was 13 & More

Molly Ringwald has revealed the numerous times older men were inappropriate with her on film sets and beyond.<p>Although it’s been nearly 2 weeks since …


The 50 Best Dressed Celebrities of 2017

We’ve tracked the red carpets, stalked the stars of street style, scoured the photos, and scored the gowns, all in the name of creating the only …


Is it better to live on the moon or on Mars? A scientific investigation

Elon Musk wants humans to live on Mars. NASA wants, at the very least, to send some astronauts over to the Red Planet to check it out. But the Trump administration has recently signaled that it’s more interested in sending astronauts back to the moon.<p>As a space science professor, I believe this is …


The best things to do in Borneo

<i>We've added a new trip to Borneo as one of National Geographic Journeys and G Adventures' new tours for 2018! If you've been dying to go to the</i> …


Terrifying tourist attraction in Brazil 'swallows' travelers whole

You probably couldn’t pay me to do this but travellers are loving this weird tourist attraction in Brazil where you get “swallowed” by rocks.<p>Pedra Que Engole, which roughly translates to “Swallow Rock," is a rock formation with a small waterfall above a river in Trindade, about 170 miles south of …

Rio De Janeiro

10 Beach Towns You Can Actually Afford to Buy a House In (+ Listings We Love)

1 of 20<p>St. Marys, Georgia<p>Advertisement<p>2 of 20<p>Hot Listing<p>3 of 20<p>Astoria, Oregon<p>Advertisement<p>4 of 20<p>Hot Listing<p>Advertisement<p>5 of 20<p>Pensacola, …

Real Estate

These 15 Easy Cast Iron Skillet Meals Are Perfect for a Family of Four

Out of all the pots and pans in my kitchen, I reach for my cast iron skillet the most on busy weeknights. Although it deserves a little more TLC than …