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‘Baby Driver’ was an entire film built around music. Here’s how they did it

Edgar Wright’s musical heist film <i>Baby Driver</i> hit theaters in June 2017 and earned crave reviews from critics and general audiences alike for the …


The Nintendo Switch Has Beaten The First Year Sales Of The PS2 In Japan

With the latest Media Create sales figures in for the Nintendo Switch in Japan, it is now clear that the new console has managed to surpass the first-year sales of the PS2.<p>To understand why this is a big deal, the PS2 is currently the most successful home console in Japan, as well as the world. …


The Worst Microtransactions in Video Games in 2017

There have been some excellent games in 2017, but this has also been the year that <b>microtransactions</b> in some titles have been so bad that even the …

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