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Milton Friedman on "Equal Pay for Equal Work"

We can fix the gender and racial pay gap with paid family leave and scientific techniques.

Wage Gap (Gender and Racial) - 100% Myth, 0% Real.

The Wage Gap No One Is Talking About

The problem isn't just men vs. women.<p>The gender pay gap is so widely talked about and understood, it even grabbed centerstage in a recent Bud Light commercial. Meanwhile, another pay gap gets little time in the spotlight, but is in obvious need of our attention: the racial wage gap.<p>The gulf between …

Racial wage gap largest in 36 years, black men make 31% less than white counterparts report

The growing racial pay gap is linked to rising income inequality and continued occupational segregation and discrimination.

<i>Despite the civil rights movement of the 1960s and affirmative action policies, major pay gaps between whites and blacks persist. While the racial</i> …

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