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For 30 years, Trump has believed America should be tougher on trade and foreign governments

President Trump often pops off more for effect than out of core conviction, but there's one thing he has believed constantly for 30 years: America …

Donald Trump

Why trade matters to you

You should care about trade debates for one simple reason: they directly affect how much you pay for cool or necessary things. The spikes: Cars and …

Medical Technology

Film review: Ocean’s 8 isn’t good but is it fun?

‘The film is never less than breezy entertainment, but never more than an unimaginative diversion,’ writes critic Caryn James.<p>Why has a man directed Ocean’s 8? That’s the obvious question about the all-female extension of the Ocean’s franchise, with Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, sister of George …

George Clooney

Strawberries & Cream Pandowdy Is the Summer Pie We've All Been Waiting For

Behold the Swampy Strawberry Pandowdy, a mash-up of my favorite pandowdy and Amanda Hesser’s swamp pie.<p>If you’re not familiar with <b>pandowdy</b>, it’s a fruit-lover’s dream dessert. With a single pie crust covering a mound of fruit, pandowdy has a higher fruit-to-crust ratio than pie or galette. About …


The Tasty Grill: 5 Deep-Fry Recipes You Must Try - Chowhound

When we talk about deep fry recipes, deep-frying recipes do not always have to mean greasy, heavy and unhealthy food. Deep fry food is usually …

Deep Frying

19 Summer Songs From 1998 That'll Leave You Reminiscing About The Good Old Days

These were the jams that were on your mixtapes 20 years ago!


Kidding (2018) | Official Trailer | Jim Carrey SHOWTIME Series

Movie Trailers

The Girl in the Spider's Web Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers


SERENITY Official Trailer (2018) Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway Movie HD

Anne Hathaway

The 11 Smartest Documentaries on Netflix

Expand your mind with stories about conjoined twins, false confessions, and the time John Huston went off to fight in World War II.<p>Perhaps the quickest way to <i>Matrix</i>-download new knowledge into your brain is to consume it in documentary form. All you have to do is plop yourself in front of a screen …

Porn Industry

'Ocean's 8' Review: Heist Franchise's Female Reboot Gives You Stars For a Steal

Casting eight female stars, all consummate scene-stealers, as master thieves in a gender-reversed spin on the all-dude <i>Ocean's 11</i> trilogy? It's a …

Anne Hathaway

The Ocean's 8 Cast Kindly Requests You Stop Asking This Question

How should we describe <i>Ocean's 8</i>? Is it a heist movie? An <i>Ocean's</i> movie? The movie where Rihanna plays a hacker? The movie with as many celebrity …


"Uniquely Human" Muscles Found in Apes Contradict Key Evolutionary Dogmas

"These are unverifiable 'just-so stories."<p>In his 1863 book <i>Evidence as to Man’s Place in Nature</i>, Thomas Henry Huxley raised hell by arguing that …

Pluto may be made up of a billion comets

But we won't know until we get there.<p>Perhaps we’re looking at Pluto the wrong way. Planet, dwarf planet—this semantic debate might be irrelevant, because in reality. . . maybe Pluto is actually sort of a giant comet? In a paper published this week in the journal <i>Icarus</i>, scientists from the Southwest …

Solar System

Researchers think they’ve found the oldest continuous Antarctic ice cores ever

When most of us look at images of Antarctica’s ice, we see a cold, uniform landscape that evokes thoughts of penguins, seals, and an immediate need for hot chocolate. Climate scientists see potential portals into our planet’s past.<p>This week, researchers from the University of Washington and the …

University of Washington

Wearing glasses may really mean you're smarter, major study finds

If you wear glasses I’ve got some good news: you may well be smarter than the average person. A new study published in the journal Nature Communications has found that needing to wear glasses is associated with higher levels of intelligence. But you probably knew that already.<p>In the study, the …

Nature Communications

Manhattanhenge 2018: How to see New York City's special sunsets

Sunsets in New York City are extra special on four days out of every year, when — weather permitting — the glowing disc of the setting sun lines up with the deep canyons of buildings along Manhattan's streets to create a phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge.<p>"It's a beautiful and lucky coincidence …

New York City

Two different forms of water isolated for first time

<b>Scientists have isolated the two different forms of water molecule for the first time.</b><p>Water molecules were known to exist as two distinct "isomers", or types, based on their slightly different properties at the atomic level.<p>By separating out the two isomers, researchers were able to show that they …


Scientists hunt down genes behind humankind's big brain

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists have pinpointed three genes that may have played a pivotal role in an important milestone in human evolution: the striking increase in brain size that facilitated cognitive advances that helped define what it means to be human.<p>These genes, found only in people, …


Green tea may help reduce risk of heart attacks

A substance found in green tea could help scientists find new ways to reduce the risk of heart attacks, research suggests, although experts say that doesn’t mean you should rush to put the kettle on.<p>The study found that a molecule in green tea, known as EGCG, can bind to a protein that is found in …


The Great Breakup: The First Arrivals to the Americas Split Into Two Groups

Early inhabitants of the Americas split into two populations over 13,000 years ago, according to a new study of ancient DNA, and remained separated for thousands of years.<p>Eventually, somewhere, the two groups met again and began commingling. Today, their descendants inhabit a vast region stretching …


Japanese hunters kill 120 pregnant minke whales

<b>(CNN) —</b> More than 120 pregnant whales were killed during Japan's annual hunt last summer, a report has revealed, prompting outrage among conservationists.<p>Figures show that 128 of the 333 minke whales caught during the 12-week expedition in the Southern Ocean were female. 122 of them were …


Mars Express has revealed the Red Planet in stunning new ways

Mesas. Chasms. Icy poles. River-like features. Mars is both alien and familiar.<p>The <i>Mars Express</i> spacecraft (and lander) was the first interplanetary …


Here’s what Earth looks like from the US’s most advanced weather satellite

The probe is having some problems with one of its instruments<p>Almost three months after launching into space, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) latest weather satellite, called GOES-17, sent us its first official images of our planet. The incredible views, which were …


This Is Why Physicists Think String Theory Might Be Our 'Theory Of Everything'

It’s one of the most brilliant, controversial and unproven ideas in all of physics: string theory. At the heart of string theory is the thread of an idea that’s run through physics for centuries, that at some fundamental level, all the different forces, particles, interactions and manifestations of …

Quantum Mechanics

The Great Barrier Reef is under assault. It's not the first time

Scientists are worried about Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and no wonder. Like many coral reefs, the world's largest is under assault from water pollution, overfishing and the warmer seawater that results from climate change, among other threats.<p>But a major new study a decade in the making shows …

Great Barrier Reef

Life Found A Way Just 10 Years After The Dinosaurs Were Wiped Out

We all know that a massive asteroid smashed into Earth around 66 million years ago, giving dinosaurs a very bad day and destroying 75% of life on the planet.<p>But scientists have now discovered that just ten years later, life had returned to the crater left by the impact and there was a thriving …


Last year, two merging neutron stars rocked astronomy. Now it looks like they left behind a black hole.

In August 2017, a huge breakthrough in astronomy was made by a whisper of an event.<p>130 million light-years away, a binary neutron star system — two …

Black Holes

Now Cropping Up: Robo-Farming

Agricultural-equipment makers gear up driverless tractors, combines in quest to produce more food, more sustainably<p>The bright red, driverless tractor drags the tiller in a perfect line in a south Indian field, makes a turn at the edge of the property, encounters a test dummy and then stalls, not …


NASA’s priorities appear to be out of whack with what the public wants

"The public thinks that we should have a space program that saves Earth."<p>The Trump administration has vowed to make America great again in …

Space Exploration