It's All Clown Shoes

At the end of the day the only thing that is guaranteed in life is that the grim shadow of nothingness will eventually envelope all of us and hurl us into the void of eternal unbeing. Even if mankind manages to survive this event, there is no truly safe haven. Eventually entropy in the universe will cease, the stars will go dim and all existence will return to its natural state of vast emptiness, thus rendering everything that has ever been done, or will be done, moot. You may try to shield yourself from the void through prayer or the purchase of material goods, but existence bears those things as much mind as the pebbles and rocks worn away from a mountain side by the steady waves of time until it is all reduced to dust. Even as you cling to your existence, hoping that as the curtain falls another world exists beyond this one, you must remember that even if your mind lives on in another plain of existence, free of all the wants and desires that plagued your time on this earth, those wants and desires are wha