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Roblox Cars 3 Obby Part 2 at Jack and Dan TV YouTube Channel


ROBLOX CATALOGUE HEAVEN – THE SWORD OF THE SEAS EDITION!!!<p>Today we are playing Catalogue Heaven in Roblox and it’s the SWORD OF THE SEAS EDITION!

Minecraft Bedwars - The Hardest Challenge!! | Jack & Dan TV

Today we play Minecraft Bedwars and we take on the hardest challenge! If someone builds a bridge we’re not allowed to cross it- only bridges we …

Play Minecraft Build Battle

WHAT DO WE BUILD IN THE BUILD BATTLE IN MINECRAFT? – YOU DECIDE NEXT TIME!!<p>Today we are playing Build Battle in Minecraft and we get to decide what …


Default Painted Cars of Rocket League | Rocket League

Today we show you all the default painted cars of Rocket League!!<p>Rocket League is one of the coolest games ever!

Insane Geometry Dash Upside Down Skills | Jack & Dan TV

Today we learnt some insane upside down Geometry Dash Skills!!<p>We love Geometry Dash and we hope you do too!

Become a Ghost in Roblox (Roblox Edition)

Today we learn how to become ghosts in ROBLOX!!<p>Roblox is one of our favourite games and you can see us turn into ghosts!

Cars 3 Review and Unboxing | Cars 3 Unboxing & Review Jack & Dan TV

Today we review Cars 3 and unbox the Cars 3 toys!!<p>Cars 3 is out now featuring new characters Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm. Check it out!

Minecraft Bedwars | Minecraft Bedwars TNT Challenge | Minecraft

Today we play the Minecraft Bedwars TNT Challenge!!<p>Can we get through the game by using TNT instead of pickaxes? Check it out:

100 Subscribers | 100 Subscriber Special | 100 YouTube Subscribers

WOW!! We have reached 100 subscribers!!!!<p>Today we give a huge shout out to all of our YouTube friends and celebrate gaining 100 subscribers!! Check …

Roblox | The Floor is Lava - Jack and Dan TV | Jack and Dan play Roblox

Roblox – THE FLOOR IS LAVA!<p>WHOAH! Today we’re playing Roblox and THE WHOLE FLOOR HAS TURNED TO LAVA!!!!! Check it out:

Geometry Dash | WATCH THE SPIKES!! | Jack & Dan TV

Geometry Dash – WATCH THE SPIKES!<p>We LOVE Geometry Dash it’s our new favourite game!!!! Check it out:

Roblox Catalogue Heaven - A New Quest!! | Jack & Dan TV

Roblox Catalogue Heaven – Today we are playing Roblox and we’ve been choosing everything we need from the catalogue to help us win! Want to watch …

Roblox Murder Mystery - I Am The Law In This Town!! | Jack & Dan TV

Today we play Roblox Murder Mystery and I am the law in this town!! We had a lot of fun being sheriff!<p>Check out our video:

Minecraft SKYWARS CRAZY SWORDS!! | Jack & Dan TV

Minecraft is one of the coolest gaming platforms ever and we love Skywars!! Today we play SKYWARS CRAZY SWORDS!I<p>Check out our video:

Roblox I WON AT ASSASSIN!! | Jack & Dan TV

I won at Assassin! Roblox Assassin! is a popular game and today we had great fun playing it!<p>Check it out:

Rocket League FREESTYLE CHALLENGE!! | Jack & Dan TV

Rocket League

Minecraft Bedwars CRAZY PLAY!! | Jack & Dan TV

Heeeeeyyyy!! It’s Minecraft time again and we’ve created a new bedwars video – Minecraft Bedwars Crazy Play!<p>Check it out:


Roblox Shark Attacks at Jack and Dan TV YouTube Channel


Rocket League CHERRY PICKER!! | Jack & Dan TV

Rocket League


We love fidget spinners and we’ve got quite a few but we really like our gold fidget spinners! We decided to record a review and some games with our …

Fidget Spinner

Minecraft Bedwars FIDGET SPINNER EDITION!! | Jack & Dan TV

Whooooaaaaah! Fidget spinners are the latest craze so we decided to create a special Minecraft Bedwars Fidget Spinner Edition! FIDGET SPINNER …

Product Design

Minecraft Bedwars 4v4!! | NEW VIDEO | Jack & Dan TV

Today we’re playing Minecraft Bedwars 4v4!! Come and join us! We love crazy bedwars!<p>Please support us by giving us a like, comment, and subscribe!


YouTube Intro Video - Welcome to our Channel! | Jack & Dan TV

Hi guys, check out our <b>new YouTube intro video at our YouTube Channel</b>!<p>We aim to upload 2 new videos a week, and at our family friendly channel we play …

Rocket League

Jack & Dan TV

Jack & Dan TV

GEOMETRY DASH – FINGERDASH!!<p>Today we are playing Fingerdash in Geometry Dash!<p><b>Watch the Fingerdash Edition of Geometry Dash at the Jack and Dan TV</b> …

Rocket League

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The Perfect Prem Team | TOTY SPECIAL!! | *NEW FIFA 18 SERIES*: http://youtu.be/6-HIXQXktH4?a via @<b>YouTube</b><p>0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes<p>I added a video …

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