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In mathematics, an <b>eigenfunction</b> of a linear operator <i>D</i> defined on some function space is any non-zero function <i>f</i> in that space that, when acted upon by …

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How 17 Equations Changed the World

When legendary theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking was setting out to release <i>A Brief History of Time</i>, one of the most influential science books in modern history, his publishers admonished him that every equation included would halve the book’s sales. Undeterred, he dared include <i>E = mc²</i>, even …

Crença – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

<b>Nota:</b> Para o conceito no contexto religioso, veja Crença religiosa.<p><b>Crença</b> é o estado psicológico em que um indivíduo adota e se detém a uma …


Votre imprimerie en ligne<p>Spécialiste de l'impression au meilleur rapport qualité / prix<p>La sélection de produits Anteloprint<p>Optez pour une gamme de …

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Soft maximum for convex optimization

In applications you often want to take the maximum of two numbers. But the simple function<p><i>f</i>(<i>x</i>, <i>y</i>) = max(<i>x</i>, <i>y</i>)<p>can be difficult to work with because it …


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91*19 — A seifert surface is a surface whose boundary is...

Des maths. Des maths partout. 

Des maths. Des maths partout.

Quand le prof de maths demande le résultat du calcul

Quand le prof de maths demande le résultat du calcul

maths + musique = - 2

maths + musique = - 2

Hartmut F. W. Höft | Mathematical Art Galleries

Evolution of the Twin Tornados<p>7.5 x 9 (10.5 x 12 framed) inches<p>archival photographic digital paper<p>2013<p>In this picture 12 images are arranged in a …

Puede que caminemos sobre la cinta de Möbius

Un poco de poesía <i>de Möbius</i> para una mañana de domingo…<p>Frans Muhren, “Mobius reizen”,</b> …