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50 Sexy "Never Have I Ever" Suggestions That'll Take Your Next Game Up To 11

Maybe it's your go-to game to play with your girls and a few bottles of wine, or perhaps it's your favorite part of King's Cup. Whatever the …


It’s complicated: Watch a Bugatti Veyron get a $21,000 oil change

Proof that life isn’t all roses for Veyron owners<p>Here's a fascinating peek under the hood, or rather the rear carbon-fiber engine cover panel and undercarriage, that shows the complexity of getting a simple oil change for a Bugatti Veyron, courtesy of the folks at Royalty Exotic Cars. Servicing …

Sports Cars

This Drink Helped Me Fall Asleep in 10 Minutes (And Sleep for 6 Straight Hours)

I tend to mull over all of life's great mysteries between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am. My overactive mind sees this window of time as the perfect …


Special Forces Commandos Train Like This To Get Insane Strength & Stamina

Special Forces Selection is the toughest testing platform in the Military – a twelve-month process that 85 percent of candidates fail. It’s designed …

Special Forces

6 Weird Signs You May Have an Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is a common problem—and weird things can happen to your body when you’re not getting enough of this mineral.<p>Iron is one of the most important nutrients in your diet, since it helps different proteins deliver oxygen to your body. But the truth is, much of the world doesn’t get enough …


Signs of a Functional Alcoholic

Many people think of alcoholics as disheveled, homeless winos who have lost everything, but there are people who meet the criteria for a medical …


How to restore your car's black trim the right way

Along with headlight lenses, black trim is about the most frail part of the modern car. Do they design these parts to go bad? It seems like it, but it's the curse of living near a giant UV-radiating orb. Here's the right way to fight back against your car turning one shade of gray.<p>1. Restore the …


This hydration schedule will help you sleep like a baby, experts say

Do you frequently feel sluggish and irritated for no good reason when you wake up in the morning, instead of feeling rested and refreshed?<p>You might …


Why We Procrastinate and 5 Ways to Stop

We all procrastinate, even at times we know better


4 easy DIY home improvement projects you can do in a day

Think you don’t have the time to tackle a home improvement project? Good news: There are a number of easy renovations you can do in one day — without the help (or cost) of a handyman or contractor. Here are four that you can do with just a few basic tools.<p>Recaulk a bathtub or shower<p>What you’ll need:<p>…

Home Improvement

Psychedelic Drugs Reshape Cells to "Repair" Neurons in Our Brains

Psychedelics could show the way to a new generation of medicine.<p>Psychedelic drugs like LSD, DMT, and psilocybin (the chemical in magic mushrooms) …


20 Literally Genius Dryer Sheet Hacks You'll Actually Want To Try

Clean deodorant stains, stop your shoes squeaking, and get the static out of your hair.<p><b>Read more:</b><p>• 15 Damn-Near Brilliant Hacks Using Cotton Balls<p>• 16 Clever Things To Do With All Those Empty Jars You've Been Hanging Onto<p>• 16 Ways To Upcycle The Stuff In Your Junk Drawer You Thought You Didn't Need


The Effects of Marijuana on Your Body

Marijuana is made from the shredded and dried parts of the cannabis plant, including the flowers, seeds, leaves, and stems. It’s also known as pot, …

15 of the best fragrances for men

With Father's Day on the horizon, Bazaar reveals the most irresistible fragrances for men

A Trainer Says These Are the 8 Best Exercises For Fat Loss

Whether your goal is to lose fat or you want to strengthen your muscles, you might think you need to do different exercises to achieve each. Personal trainer Rob Allen posted this photo to his Instagram account to show that whatever your goal, "Whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle, strength …


The 15-minute, Fat-burning Workout for Busy Guys

A middle-aged guy takes his shirt off and looks in the mirror. What does he see?<p>That’s not the beginning of a joke, although what he sees might be …

Here's What Happens When You Love Someone More Than They Love You, According To Experts

One thing that I've learned over the years, through lots of relationships both good and bad, is that one of the most important factors in …

Turmeric: It’s been touted as a magic bullet for joint pain, eczema and even depression

Turmeric latte? How about a turmeric-infused popcorn? It’s been touted as a magic bullet for joint pain, eczema and even depression... so here’s why …

Why Rich Kids Are So Good at the Marshmallow Test

Affluence—not willpower—seems to be what’s behind some kids' capacity to delay gratification.<p>The marshmallow test is one of the most famous pieces of social-science research: Put a marshmallow in front of a child, tell her that she can have a second one if she can go 15 minutes without eating the …

Indiana University

This Is Why It Seems Like Your Hangovers Are Getting Worse With Age

If you’ve ever cracked open your eyes the morning after a boozy night, wondering why it feels like malicious elves with jackhammers are drilling …

23 Jokes About Working Out That Will Make You Say "LOL, Real"

"If a gym has 75 treadmills, 1 is being used, what do you do? You go home because it's your favorite one being used. Math is easy."


18 Texts That Will Make You Say "Yep, That Was Sent By A Dad"

Top tip: Never teach a dad slang.


What It’s Like To Date When You Have Borderline Personality Disorder

Living with mental illness is easier than it once was, but dating with mental illness? It's <i>so</i> much harder than it should be — thanks to the myths and …

29 Truths About Parenthood You Only Learn Once You Have Kids

"I wish I knew that daycare would cost more than my actual mortgage."<p><i>Some responses have been edited for clarity and length.</i>

Sleeping in on the Weekends Could Help You Live Longer

Go ahead and treat yourself by sleeping in this weekend.<p>Sleeping in on Saturday has long been chastised by sleep experts and moms alike — but a new study says the habit could lower your risk of death.<p>Researchers at Stockholm University discovered that adults who logged up to five hours of sleep …

14 YouTube Channels You Need To Know If You Want To Work Out For Free

Everything you need if you want to get fit but don't want to spend money, leave your house, or put on a sports bra.

This Plank Variation Will Set Your Abs on Fire

<b>WE HAVE NOTHING BAD</b> to say about the standard plank. It helps develop strength through your hips, glutes, and core. And it’s a challenging move.<p>What …

These 14 Booty-Gain Before and Afters Are Serious Goals

There's no shortcut to building a better booty (aside from plastic surgery) — it all comes down to hard work, eating right, and hitting the weight room. As these 14 people show, it is possible to grow your butt and totally transform your body without stepping foot inside a plastic surgeon's …

The Best Men’s Scents of Summer 2018

Maybe it’s absurd, but we like to think of your favorite men’s summer fragrances as seasoning. If you put on too much, or the wrong garnish …