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LinkedIn’s $27 Billion Challenge: Get People to Use It More

Microsoft paid $27 billion for LinkedIn; now the site has to prove it is worth it<p>SUNNYVALE, Calif.—Josh Frank spent nearly 11 years building up a virtual Rolodex of more than 700 LinkedIn contacts.<p>But when he recently sought guidance on expanding his Detroit online marketing consultancy, Mr. Frank …


How the Internet Is Changing Life for the World’s Poorest People (Smartphones Optional)

Micro loans led the way, and now the internet has made all kinds of transactions cheap—which means serving the poor can be profitable<p>One of the internet’s most important qualities is that it slashes transaction costs to a bare minimum. What has followed is a remarkable development: It is becoming …


iCloud Storage: Your Guide to the Other Apple Tax

There’s good reason to pay Apple’s ransom—just don’t let the storage space and features go to waste<p>Every night, I compose the following letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook:<p>Dear Mr. Cook, Your iCloud storage is full. Yours, Joanna Stern<p>I never send it because I’m not as unsympathetic as Apple, which by my …

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Best of CES 2018: A Glimpse of Brilliant, Necessary and/or Totally Crazy Technologies to Come -

Advertisement<p>Video: Smart Cars, Sweet Robots, Scary Wheels: CES 2018 in 2 Minutes<p>An adorable robot dog, a TV that could fill up a wall, a car whose entire dashboard is a touch screen. WSJ's Joanna Stern went on the hunt for the most exciting and unusual products at this year's biggest tech …

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A Diet Strategy That Counts Time, Not Calories

You can eat whatever you want with time-restricted feeding, just not whenever you want. The weight-loss regime limits eating to a 12-hour window each day and is good for diabetes prevention, longevity and blood pressure<p>Stop counting calories. It’s the clock that counts.<p>That’s the concept behind …

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12 changes that could shake up the blockchain world in 2018

If there is one thing I have learned in the last two years in the cryptocurrency world, it’s that things change so quickly in this sector, it can humble anybody. Anyone who says he knows what he is talking about, doesn’t!<p>Still, it’s New Year’s Day, so what the heck? I’ll put my neck out there with …


4 Reasons Your Social Security Benefit May Be Worth Less Than You Think

You may be surprised by this deduction to your benefits.<p>Most Americans will be eligible to receive Social Security when they retire, and many of them …

How to Be Healthier, Happier and More Productive: It’s All in the Timing

When is the best time to exercise or do creative work? Research on the science of timing has answers<p>You’ve probably made a few New Year’s resolutions, solemn promises to yourself to behave better in 2018. You might have pondered how you’re going to accomplish those goals, who could help you and why …

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Stop Using Excel, Finance Chiefs Tell Staffs

Ubiquitous spreadsheet software that revolutionized accounting hasn’t kept up, CFOs say<p>By<p>Tatyana Shumsky<p>Tatyana Shumsky<p>The Wall Street Journal<p>Biography<p>@MissShumsky<p><p>Adobe Inc.’s finance chief Mark Garrett says his team struggles keeping track of which jobs have been filled at …


Workers Get Faster Access to Wages With These New Apps

Instant pay helps boost employee attendance, but can make saving hard to do<p>For more workers across America, every day is payday.<p>Uber Technologies Inc., McDonald’s Corp. and Bloomin’ Brands Inc.’s Outback Steakhouse are among a growing group of employers giving workers near-instant access to their …


Tax Overhaul Is Planned for 2018, Leaving Just a Few Weeks to Prepare

Most provisions in the House and Senate GOP tax bills would take effect in 2018, meaning people could have little time to do crucial year-end tax planning<p>Fewer tax breaks for homeowners. No deduction for state income taxes. A higher bar for charitable write-offs. No “personal” exemption. No …

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Don't Be a Bitcoin Tax Evader

If you own or have sold bitcoins, you may owe one or more different taxes to the IRS.<p>As bitcoin adoption climbs, the IRS has gotten more and more …

Selling Products Is Good. Selling Projects Can Be Even Better

In the beginning companies sold products. And then they sold services. In recent years, the fashionable suggestion has been that companies sell experiences and solutions, solving the needs and aspirations of customers.<p>Companies, indeed, do all of these things. But increasingly, what companies sell …

15 Top Questions About Social Security, Answered

The more you know about America's most important retirement program, the better chance you have of getting the most out of it.<p>Social Security is, for …


This Robot Will Handle Your Divorce Free of Charge

A chatbot called DoNotPay has saved motorists millions in parking fines—without charging a cent. Its next target: divorce law.<p>AS THE SON of a hedge-fund manager and the great-grandson of the former leader of the U.S. Communist Party, Joshua Browder has the mind of a capitalist and the heart of a …

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How Budget Carriers Transformed the Airline Industry—in 14 Charts - WSJ

Budget airlines, once ridiculed for cramped seats and cattle-like boarding, have come of age.<p>Discount carriers have dominant positions in many of the world’s most important markets. They are stealing passengers from full-service carriers. Last year, for the first time, they carried more than one …


How to Stay in New York City for $30 a Night

If you’re open to roughing it, you can pitch a tent at one of three area National Parks campgrounds and save big bucks<p>Tanya Murray of Canada was excited this summer about her family’s pending trip to New York City. Except for the rates at the Midtown hotel she had booked: $1,600 for six nights. …

New York City

20 ways to fix Social Security, from the logical to the absolutely insane

If the trust funds run dry, the Trustees predict that an across-the-board benefits cut of up to 21% may be needed to sustain payouts through 2090.<p>For the roughly 25 million retired workers who currently count on Social Security for at least half of their monthly income, this is a terrifying outlook.<p>…

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