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Epic Crash with 'Sausage' Galaxy Shaped Milky Way's Bulge

A sausage-shaped galaxy smashed into our own Milky Way billions of years ago, changing our galaxy's shape forever.<p>Using data from the European Space …


This Map Shows Where Your House Was on Pangea

The view might have been a little bit different<p>Earth has changed a lot over millions of years, but real estate is forever. That's the idea behind software engineer Ian Webster's tool which allows users to find where their home address would have been on the ancient mega-continent Pangea.<p>The tool …

Earth Science

Report: NASA’s Policies to Protect the Solar System From Contamination Are Out of Date

Whether it’s rovers rolling about on Mars, probes drilling into asteroids, or Tesla Roadsters drifting through space, it’s clear that our activities …

Private Sector

The Best Way to Shade Earth

Researchers show where to release sulfur aerosols into the atmosphere with the least chance of causing droughts or flooding rains

Climate Change

Our sun grew fat when a sausage collided with the Milky Way

A collision 8 to 10 billion years ago between our own Milky Way and a smaller galaxy dubbed “the sausage” helped grow stars in the centre of the …


NASA’s Parker probe is about to get up close and personal with the sun

The Parker Solar Probe is about to make a historic voyage to touch the sun.


Traces of 'Sonic Boom' Meteorites Found on Ocean Floor

So...did we find meteorites in the ocean?<p>After 7 hours exploring @OlympicCoast seafloor, we brought back several samples. @NASA_Johnson Cosmic Dust …

Earth Science

Incredibly rude nearby star system is firing particles at Earth like a ‘cosmic ray gun’

Our Sun is obviously the most intense place in our Solar System, but it’s actually pretty chill when compared to many other systems. Eta Carinae, for …


Biggest study of vaginas shows there’s no such thing as ‘normal’

Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes, a study of hundreds of women has revealed. The findings should reassure women who are worried about whether …

Women's Health

Buzz Aldrin, who walked on the moon, wants the lunar surface to become a launch pad for Mars — here's how

Buzz Aldrin, who pressed his boot into the soft, grey surface of the moon in 1969, now has his eyes locked on a red dot in our solar system. At 88 years old, Aldrin continues to push for a plan to send humans to Mars before 2040 and eventually settle on the planet.<p>"I'm talking about Mars for …

Space Science

How do scientists weigh a planet?

It would be a little difficult to plop Jupiter on a scale…<p>We can weigh a planet (or, more correctly, find its ‘mass’) by using Newton’s Law of …


Study reveals secret origins of asteroids and meteorites

Most asteroids and meteorites originate from the splintering of a handful of minor planets formed during the infancy of our solar system, a new study …


FDA Approves First Drug Derived from Marijuana

The approval of Epidiolex® is a major milestone in bringing safe, effective cannabinoid-based medications to patients


The Power Of Laziness

On sale date:<p>4th July 2018<p>Issue:<p>324<p>Laziness: the ultimate evolutionary strategy<p><b>The lazy ape</b> - Is our gift for laziness what makes us human?<p><b>Don’t</b> …

Kindle Fire

Curiosity — You Can Control Your Dreams with Science

What if you could take control of the things you dream about? Within the imaginative confines of your sleeping mind, you might be able to fly like …


World UFO Day: Are We Really Alone? The Question Is Worthy of Serious Study

<i>This article was originally published at The Conversation. The publication contributed the article to's Expert Voices: Op-Ed</i><p>Are we alone? …


Trump Wants a Space Station Orbiting Around the Moon

NASA is quietly asking private companies to bid on the development of a new space station that would orbit the moon starting in 2022. But why?<p>If …

Space Science

How Many Teenage Girls Deliberately Harm Themselves? Nearly 1 in 4, Survey Finds.

Up to 30 percent of teenage girls in some parts of the United States say they have intentionally injured themselves without aiming to commit suicide, researchers have found.<p>About one in four adolescent girls deliberately harmed herself in the previous year, often by cutting or burning, compared to …

Public Health

Coffee Drinkers Are More Likely To Live Longer. Decaf May Do The Trick, Too

Coffee is far from a vice.<p>There's now lots of evidence pointing to its health benefits, including a possible longevity boost for those of us with a daily coffee habit.<p>The latest findings come from a study published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine that included about a half-million people in …


Some monkeys in Panama may have just stumbled into the Stone Age

Another non-human primate has entered the Stone Age – the fourth type known to have done so. One population of white-faced capuchins living in Panama …


How to think about… The multiverse

JUST don’t say they made it up. “One of the most common misconceptions is that the multiverse is a hypothesis,” says Sean Carroll at the California …

Dark Matter

The Discovery of Complex Organic Molecules on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Is a Huge Deal

Using data collected by NASA’s late-great Cassini space probe, scientists have detected traces of complex organic molecules seeping out from …


Space is full of dirty, toxic grease, scientists reveal

It looks cold, dark and empty, but astronomers have revealed that interstellar space is permeated with a fine mist of grease-like molecules.<p>The study provides the most precise estimate yet of the amount of “space grease” in the Milky Way, by recreating the carbon-based compounds in the laboratory. …


Research on cancer-frying nanoparticles heats up

A lot more research needs to be done before the nanoparticles are available to patients.<p>But here's how the therapy would work: First, doctors would …


Sandbox craters reveal secrets of planetary splash marks and lost meteorites

In a new study published in <i>Physical Review Letters</i>, scientists from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have …


The Forgotten Role of Imagination in Science

At Public Seminar, literary scholar Tita Chico looks at the history of science to show that it has never been purely about facts and data. Rather, …


Physicists set limits on size of neutron stars

How large is a neutron star? Previous estimates varied from eight to 16 kilometres. Astrophysicists at the Goethe University Frankfurt and the FIAS …


Can Studying Alien Civilizations Predict Earth’s Future?

Are aliens among us? (via FelixMittermeier/Pixabay)<p>After centuries of economic failure and environmental destruction, humans are working to rebuild …


Decolonise science: time to end another imperial era – podcast

Recent years have seen an increasing number of calls to “decolonise science”, even going so far as to advocate scrapping the practice and findings of …


A New NASA-Led Project Means the Search for Aliens Is Heating Up

To date, scientists have catalogued more than 3,500 exoplanets, some of which may even be capable of fostering life. But we simply don’t know. The …