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从你离开的时候开始,我就不敢睡觉,因为我害怕每一次在梦中重新失去你。如果多一张船票,你会不会跟我一起走?原来爱一个人爱得太深,真的会醉了。我终于弄明白一件事情,我跟你是天生注定得走在一起的……——是否还记得那些幸福流泪的日子,是否还记得这些台词?<p>和身边的那个ta,一起相偎看部电影吧!<p>情人节快乐。<p>黎耀 …

How to Make the Best French Onion Soup

Serious Eats<p>VIDEOS<p>Watch More Videos<p>In my very first test for this French onion soup recipe, I had a realization: There's no good reason why so much bad French onion soup exists in the world. The thought arrived after I had caramelized a variety of onions in butter, then added some homemade chicken …


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The Best Slow Cooker Meatballs

The idea of a slow cooker meatball recipe seems like a good one at first. After all, how many meatball recipes have you read out there that tell you to simmer the meatballs for a good, long time in their bath of tomato sauce? Long-simmering leads to better flavor and more tender texture, right?<p>Not …


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