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How To Get Rid Of Acne! 💁 every morning, right when you wake up, wash your face. i recommend Johnson's Baby Soap because it works so well and its just amazing. lol 💁 when your done with that, apply lotion. i recommend Johnson's Baby Lotion lol or whatever its called. 💁 make sure to add the lotion all over your blackheads. it gets rid of them, maybe not all of them, but at least most of them! 💁 i normally do it when i first wake up, when i get home from school, and when i am about to go to bed. but when you do it before you go to bed, don't do the lotion. i don't know why but i just don't because i guess i'm lazy? lol anyways.. sorry this was short! thats really all i do and i started about a week ago and its literally helped so much i swear. qotd: when did you start shaving? for me; idek ! haha but ya (: comment 🙊 if you read all of this! what would you rate my account on a scale 1-100? (

Good apps to have on your IPhone! - - - - - 📱 phonto! -free- you can add text on pictures, and you can download fonts! 📱 superimpose! - .99 - it's kinda like Photoshop! you can fade pictures on other ones! 📱 fuzel! - free - best. collage. app. ever. you can make your own template and you can use their templates too. 📱 characters! - free - you can add symbols like; ☮☠♚▲♪. and a many more! 📱 squaready! - add a white border to your picture or any color. 📱 Winzip! - free - you can use this to download fonts onto 'phonto' through 📱 afterlight - .99 - add all kinda of effects, a lot of girls use it for instagram! 📱 8tracks! - free - you need an account but you can make mixes of music and post it and you can find any type of a mix you want! my favorite is Radical, atm. a mix is like a playlist by the way 📱 wattpad! - free - read all types of book fan fictions, short stories on here! I'm reading After right now. 📱 YouTube! - free - you can't go wrong with YouTube! check out my tip for my fav youtubers to see who to watch 📱 wanelo! - free - shop online anywhere anytime! - - - - - I really hope this helped! comment 😽 if you read this! qotp; who's your favorite beauty guru? mine is either Stilababe09, Adrianaheartsbeauty, or Macbarbie07 have a great day!🙈

how to have amazing skin! - - - - - 👸 wash your face every morning and night! 👸 if you want to get a subscription from the doctor, the stuff they give you works really well 👸 washing your face in the shower gets it all off better 👸 wash your face, ( it opens your pores ) then put on a homemade face mask 👸 some good facial cleansers & exfoliators: - clean and clear - Johnson's baby shampoo, if you use it don't use a lot it can clog up your pores, what I do is I wash it with that then I use my clean and clear after it so that gets the extra Johnson's not clogging up my pores! it works very well for me - if you're actually readin this comment "haha" - Clinique 👸 put moisturizer on at night if your skin gets dry 👸 if your skin is oily get WitchHazels oil remover and wipe it on your face every morning after you wash your face and before makeup 👸 too much makeup can cause you to break out 👸 breaking out around "that time of the month" is normal, don't stress it - - - - - I hope this helped! I know it's not a lot sorry. :-( comment 💗 if you read it! qotp; what do you do the first thing you wake up? not counting get on phone! I get up and get my clothes on.

how to get a flat stomach! - - - - - 🙆 every morning when you wake up do 50 crunches or sit ups! put your feet under your bed to have pressure on your feet to do them better 🙆 drink a cup of water before you eat so you know how hungry you really are 🙆 if you eat bc it looks good or you just want food don't eat it. only eat when your hungry! eating excessively will not help get rid of pudge 🙆 Take up dancing, running, swimming, cycling and walking at a good pace, anything that brings your heart rate up. 🙆 Do strength training to build muscle. Having more muscle will increase your metabolism, so you'll burn calories faster over time. 🙆 Eat healthier and cut down on junk food. Replace sweets and chips with fruits and vegetables. You'll see a world of difference. 🙆 Eat lots of lean protein. Beans, nuts, and lean meat are rather good for you as long as you do not eat the fat!! comment "thank you" if you're reading this! 🙆 Eat whole grains. Look for labels that say "100% whole grain" or "100% whole wheat" and not just "wheat flour." Whole grains keep you fuller longer, which can help with weight loss and getting a flatter stomach 🙆 Eat smaller meals during the day. Eat just enough until you feel full. don't eat too much just cause you like it, eat until you're actually full. 🙆 Don't eat anything for about two hours before you sleep. Your body slows down when you sleep so you can't digest food properly. 🙆 Drink lots of water, 8 cups a day! 🙆 do NOT eat super salty foods. salt can clog up your arteries as well note: my mom has recommended this and she is a doctor! - - - - - I hope this helped! like and comment 🙈 qotp: what's your middle name? mine is Claire 💁

How to perfectly straighten your hair! - - - - - my hair has never straightened well before but I started using this technique and it's perfect! my hair used to take 1 hour to straighten now it takes 15! { by the way you do have to use one product for this! } - - - - - 💆 after you shower comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb 💆 wrap your hair up in that up do thing with the towel and keep it like that for ten minutes! 💆 if you put in leave in conditioner sometimes, then make sure to only put it on the ends if not it makes your hair greasy! 💆 let your hair now air dry for 5-7 minutes! 💆 it should be mostly dry so now plug in your straightener! 💆 while it heats up do whatever, brush teeth, brush your hair do something! comment your straightener you have if you read this. 💆 your hair is now dry, take a 1 inch piece of hair and spray two to three sprits of the Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray! by- organix 💆 now comb the hair real fast to even it out then run the straightener over it until it's as straight as you want it. 💆 do that for your whole head and then comb it out I'm saying comb bc if you brush it your hair might curl out at the ends. 💆 check if there's any places you missed and you should be done! { note: if you're taking a shower at night and doing hair in the morning don't do this at night just let your hair dry itself over night and then do step 5 and further in the morning! } - - - - - good straighteners it really depends on your hair! but the ones I recommend are- Chi; $99 but if you go on base to get it it's $65-70 no tax Chi Air; $120 on base it is $89 Remington; $34.99 at target! GHD; I don't know where to get it but my friends was $135 and I saw one at Sephora for $185.00 it's so good but idk if you wanna spend that much! - - - - - I hope this helped! qotp; what straightener do you have? I have the Chi Air! I hope you have a great day!💗

The Perfect night routine! - - - - - 💆 make sure you have all your homework done and place it in the kitchen so you don't forget it 💆 take a shower 💆 rinse with cold water. it raises your metabolism and makes your hair softer and stronger. 💆 after that rub lotion on any areas needed. 💆 now get in your pajamas! 💆 twist your hair up in the towel, I use "Turbie Twist" it's amazing it works better than a towel. 💆 if you didn't wash your face in the shower do it and put on any face medication that's needed 💆 brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash 💆 set out everything you'll need for the next morning 💆 tidy up your room so you can easily find things if you need it 💆 ask your parents if there's anything you can do for them! you could get extra privileges by doing this, my parents do that. 💆 if there isn't anything you can do...go to bed! 💆 read a magazine. do NOT go on any electronics, you'll end up staying up later than you should then you'll be tired the next morning - - - - - sorry this wasn't very good! comment what time it is where you live if you read this post! have a great day and stay strong!💓

acne 101! - - - - - 🙍 gently wash your face! don't scrub too hard it can cause irritation 🙍 stress does not cause acne, but it can make it worse. 🙍 don't touch your face! the oils from your hands can get in your pores and cause acne. 🙍 don't pop your pimples! that can cause more redness and more inflammation! and will most likely make it worse. 🙍 stay on a daily schedule to wash your face! every morning and every night. you can go to a doctor and get prescribed medicine to put on your face and it helps a lot! 🙍 moisturize! it definitely helps! 🙍 eating greasy foods can cause oily skin and oily skin can cause clogged pores! so try to eat out less! 🙍 sometimes eating too much milk products can cause acne.. 🙍 make sure you keep your hair well washed and not greasy bc the oils from your hair follicles can get to your skin and cause breakouts! - - - - - - I hope this helped! qotp: what's something you eat everyday? I drink a lot of milk! ( maybe that's what causes my acne since too much dairy can cause acne whoops ) have a great day and stay strong!💋

how to get up early! 🎁 ● ● ● ● ● ☀️ set an alarm! make sure it's loud enough for you to wake up to. not too quiet. ☀️ if you want to wake up at 6:30 set an alarm for 6:00 so you wake up and then you will be able to wake up faster at 6:30 ☀️ get a good nights rest! go to bed around 9 everynight. I know it's hard but if electronics are what keep you up tell your parents to take it away from you at a specific time everynight. that's what I did and it helps ☀️ Get excited! In order to hop out of bed in the morning with gusto, you may need something to hop out of bed for. So find something to get excited about! ☀️ wake up and automatically play some upbeat happy music! it puts you in a good mods and wakes you up ☀️ drink one glass of water right when you get up! it gets your system going and you'll wake up. ☀️ when you wake up wash your face, it really helps skin and your tiredness. ☀️ if you don't wanna wash your face just splash it with water ● ● ● ● ● I hope this helps! qotp: what percentage is your phone right now? mine is 78%! have a great day!🎅

how to get free books! ● ● ● ● ● disclaimer: this is only for people with a kindle account, or you can make one ● 📖 go to 📖 sign up with your email so you know when new free books comes in 📖 mark off the types of books you're interested in 📖 it will take you to the next step, now click the link in the big box, or go to the rectangular box on the left and click any discounted books you want! 📖 now you should be able to get some free books! 📖 to get money to spend on kindle you could click the link in my bio, save up points and get a kindle gift card! 📖 all of this is legal and safe ● ● ● ● ● I hope you get some good books out of this! comment ❤️ if you are gonna do it qotp: what's your favorite book? mine is The Outsiders! have a great day!🍬

MY winter morning routine! I will be giving you my routine, maybe this will give you come ideas???¿?¿ - December 14, 2013 Days 'til Christmas: 11 ● ● ● ● ● 🙋 wake up at 6:25 & play some music from the radio 🙋 make my bed 🙋 put everything at my door that I need for school 🙋 put on my clothes and plug in my straightener, if I'm straightening my hair that day 🙋 go to the kitchen and eat breakfast while it heats up 🙋 come back & wash my face 🙋 then I do my hair and makeup 🙋 next I brush my teeth & put on lotion 🙋 put on deodorant and some perfume 🙋 I then pick up anytning I don't need on the ground and hang it over my chair 🙋 put on my shoes 🙋 I make sure my homework is all done 🙋 make sure all lights are turned off 🙋 and I leave at 7:15 ● ● ● ● ● I hope this helps! qotp; what time do you wake up? have an amazing day!❄️