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Integrated Planning for Timberland Management - IptimDss


Simosol is the leading provider of services for forest, crop & carbon mapping and monitoring, supply chain optimisation and forest & biomass project valuation.


3 Guidelines for forest management planning

<b>Alder, D.</b> 1992. <i>Simple Methods for Calculating Minimum Diameter and Sustainable Yield in Mixed Tropical Forest</i> in "Wise Management of Tropical …

Welcome | Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry

GISF’s own Dr. Florencia Montagnini recently published a book entitled, Integrating Landscapes: Agroforestry for Biodiversity Conservation and Food …

Tener un instrumento de ordenación forestal, obligatorio desde 2019

El Consello analiza el decreto que regulará estos documentos, con los que los dueños quedarán exentos del IBI<p>SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, 20 Feb. (EUROPA …

Using Tree Anatomy and Physiology for Identification

Trees are among the earth's most useful and beautiful products of nature. Trees have been crucial to mankind's survival. The oxygen we breath is …

The investment logic for sustainability

Sustainability is pretty clearly one of the world's most important goals; but what groups can really make environmental progress in leaps and bounds? …

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