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The Ugly Duckling by Publisto App Review

<b>Review:</b><p>How it works:<p>The app provides a number of activities for kids:<p>1. Storybook of "The Ugly Duckling" is unique in that it provides a way to …

"Logic will get you from A to Z, imagination will get you everywhere." Albert Einstein

How Much Screen Time is Healthy?

How Much Screen Time is Healthy? I wasn't exactly expecting such diverse reactions to opinions surrounding kids and the amount of time spent in front …

"#Children must be taught how to think, not what to think." Do you agree?

Parenting Articles, Worksheets, & Handy Resources

It's tempting to lend a hand — or two — when your child has a school project due. After all, you know other parents will help <i>their</i> kids. And you'd do …

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What is the Best Age to Get Your Kid a Cell Phone?

Veer<p>Some parents consider cell phones for their young children as essential tools for staying in touch and keeping that line of communication open. …


Girls need better toys!

Like most moms this time of year I've been on the hunt for quality toys for my kids -- my daughter is 7 and my son is 5. My son has no shortage of cool toy requests. But I find my daughter struggling with what to put on her list to Santa. (Can you imagine? A kid struggling with stuff to want?) …

Don't "outsource" your parenting. Stick around for the story. It matters the whole world to them... #kidsapps

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Sounds Of Arguing Affect Babies' Brains, Even While They're Asleep

By: Tanya Lewis, LiveScience Staff Writer<p>Published: 03/27/2013 09:30 AM EDT on LiveScience<p>Hearing the sounds of arguments affects how a baby's brain processes emotional tones of a voice, a new study finds. The little ones' brains lit up in response to angry tones, even while they were …