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Genetics Startup Wants To Prolong Life, 'Make 100 Years Old The Next 60'

Brought to you by entrepreneur J. Craig Venter<p>J. Craig Venter, the scientist and entrepreneur involved in the first sequencing of the human genome and the first synthetic cell, today announced a typically ambitious project: tack another few decades onto everyone's lives through the largest human …


Alzheimer's Diagnosis Expanding To Catch Early Warning Signs

Alzheimer's disease isn't what it used to be. After 30 years of having doctors diagnose the disease by symptoms alone, researchers and advocacy groups are calling for new diagnostic criteria that recognize changes in the brain as well as changes in behavior.<p>The goal is to eventually allow doctors …

Bumbing Kidd Kidd & Rich the Kidd Blue Money

Ready To Catch A Body,

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See Clearly Love Is Blind.

After I long day & night I come home to this. I'm blessed (:. Thank you god.

Beautiful View .

Sound, light and water waves and how scientists worked out the mathematics

What violins have in common with the sea – the wave principle<p>You're reading these words because light waves are bouncing off the letters on the page and into your eyes. The sounds of the rustling paper or beeps of your computer reach your ear via compression waves travelling through the air. Waves …

Kidd Kidd Spits a Crazy Freestyle

#SuperBad with The Causin. #NewLife #NewChoices #IndependentLiving

Pictures of the year 2013: space - Telegraph

The Year’s Most Beautiful Photos From Space

Cosmic photography is always breathtaking, so a full year’s worth of images provides plenty of choices. Here are some of 2013’s highlights.

APOD: Alaska Aurora Sequence (2013 Dec 28) Image Credit & Copyright: LeRoy Zimmerman (TWAN) Explanation: A remarkably intense auroral band flooded the northern night with shimmering colors on December 7. The stunning sequence captured here was made with a camera fixed to a tripod under cold, clear skies near Ester, just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. Left to right, spanning a period of about 30 minutes, the panels follow changes in the dancing curtains of northern lights extending to altitudes of over 100 kilometers in a band arcing directly overhead. The panels span 150 degrees vertically, covering about 500 kilometers of aurora laying across the sky from edge to edge. The auroral activity was triggered by a moderate level geomagnetic storm, as a high speed solar wind stream buffeted planet Earth's magnetosphere. Starship Asterisk* • APOD Discussion Page #APOD

A Guide To Spotting And Hiding From Drones

Like birdwatching, but for military robots.<p>Consider it a rough Audubon guide to the mechanical fauna of battlefields. Created by Amsterdam-based designer Ruben Pater, the Drone Survival Guide is, on one side, a rough bird watcher's guide to the modern robot at war. The other side is a short section …

United Arab Emirates

The New Armor That Lets You Sense Surveillance Cameras

Like a creepy digital tap on the shoulder<p>We pass under surveillance cameras every day, appearing on perhaps hundreds of minutes of film. We rarely notice them. London-based artist James Bridle would like to remind us.<p>Bridle has created a wearable device he calls the “surveillance spaulder.” …

Let's talk about the gender differences that really matter – in mental health

Gender differences have been much in the news lately. It's a topic that exerts a powerful attraction, beguiling scientists and lay people alike. Are men and women really so dissimilar that they may as well come from different planets? And where there are differences, what are the causes? Everyone, …

Second DNA Code Discovered Hiding Within DNA: Scientists

A second DNA code has been discovered by a group of scientists, hiding within DNA, or the genetic code.<p>Information within the newly discovered second …

Alzheimer's study reveals new genes implicated in disease

Researchers have taken a major step towards understanding the causes of Alzheimer's disease with the largest study yet into the genetics of the disorder.<p>Findings from the international team suggest at least 20 genes play a role in the common late-onset form of Alzheimer's, more than double the …

Scientists Have Found A Way To Make Marijuana Un-Fun

An anti-dopamine drug could block the addictive rush associated with THC.<p>Researchers from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the University of Massachusetts Medical School have found a way to block the dopamine rush associated with THC, the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana, in order to …


The $1 billion weather app: why Monsanto is betting the farm on smarter forecasts

A billion-dollar acquisition plants the seeds for an agribusiness revolution<p>To look at Monsanto’s product pages, you’d think the company’s business is in selling two closely related commodities: agricultural seeds and weed killers. But that would be like saying that Verizon sells people data and …

Enter, Sandman: how lucid dreaming ‘can help you change yourself’

Thomas Peisel will teach you to reign over the witching hour<p>Maybe the vast majority of your recollected dreams involve public speaking in the nude, or repeatedly failing your college chemistry final. Or maybe you don’t recall having any dreams at all. According to Thomas Peisel, both scenarios are …

Where does imagination happen in our brains?

The answer, researchers suggest, lies in a widespread neural network – the brain’s “mental workspace” – that consciously manipulates images, symbols, …

The Brain

Science: the religion that must not be questioned

You'd think from the way that science tends to be reported in the popular prints, as they used to be called, that Professor Helsing von Frankenstein goes into the dungeon laboratory of his castle one morning, dons his white coat and – by elevenses, and working completely alone – discovers a way to …

Pretty Much The Entire Human Race Bought The New Grand Theft Auto

In first day sales, it's bigger than any game, movie, or album ever released. (Ha ha, what? Books? Get out of here, nerd.)<p>Murder and car-jacking simulatorAcclaimed video game <i>Grand Theft Auto V</i> was released on Tuesday, and every man, woman, child, and several species of lower fauna purchased …