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Kosovans risk perils of roads, forests and criminals in chase for better life in EU

For the thousands of Kosovans who have left their country for Hungary in recent months, Vila Lira has stood as poetic reminder of the opportunities and risks of trying to sneak into the European Union.<p>The name of this restaurant and hotel complex in Palic, northern Serbia, resembles “Freedom Villa” …



GAP discusses about publicly owned enterprises in Kosovo

Prishtina, January 27, 2015 – GAP institute organized a round table discussion on “Publicly Owned Enterprises in Kosovo-Business Environment and …


GAP presented the Policy Analysis " Reforming Public Administration in Kosovo"

Prishtina, July 21st, 2015,– in a press conference, GAP Institute presented today the policy analysis titled: Reforming the Public Administration in …

Civil Service

Who will benefit from public debt clearance?

In a press conference today, GAP Institute has presented an analysis on “Who will benefit from public debt clearance?”<p>In February 2015, Kosovo’s …


GAP organized a panel discussion on Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund

GAP Institute organized a panel discussion on the topic of Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund: How it would affect the interest rates?<p>On June 17, 2015 the …

Interest Rates

GAP Institute has published a report on Governance in the four northern municipalities of Kosovo

According to the report by GAP, Brussels Agreement of 19th of April, 2013 between Kosovo and Serbia, which refers mainly to the north of Kosovo, has …


GAP Institute has published an analysis titled “Cadre Fund: A special fund for deficient specialists or for managers?”

While the Government of Kosovo is drafting the lists of the beneficiaries of the Cadre Fund for 2015, GAP Institute has analyzed the operation of …

Venture Capital

GAP Institute today has published an analysis titled “The usage of electricity for heating – the impact of cogeneration in energy consumption”

Kosovo’s Government and the Municipality of Prishtina with the help of international donors by the end of 2014 managed to operationalize the project …


Economy of Cars in Kosovo

Are government policies on car import and registration impacting the increase in car accidents in traffic and harms to environment and health?<p>GAP …