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25 Most Expensive Things On Earth

10 Differences Between Good Friends & Toxic Friends

We all have that one friend who is bad tempered, a little jealous, and somewhat conceited. Is he or she a true friend to you? Here are some of the …

20 Mini Habits For Success.

24 Pictures that prove you have a Dirty Mind.

Do you really think you don't have a dirty mind? Well, these 25 pictures will prove otherwise! Click to view and comment...

20 Actions That Shows if a Person Truly Loves You

The basic three things to notice to know if a person truly loves you. Notice how the person acts Notice what the person says Notice what the person …

20 Adult Film Stars' Transformation Before And After Makeup

20 stairs to choose for your stairways to heaven. #21 if you are not so much of a stairs fan!

The difference between cats and dogs

How old were you when you realised television and movies ruined your life?

Is It Worth It? Oh Yes, Definitely Worth It!

My cat's decision making tree

15 brutally honest illustrations about ADULTHOOD

Writer Chaz Hutton created a brilliant series of simple illustrations on sticky-notes to illustrate the grim everyday realities of adult life. Using …

Baby, let's make panda

40 Funny Animal Memes To Make You Laugh Till You Drop

Murder Riddle: How can this be?

<b>Karma, you get what you give</b><p><b>I see Cee</b><p><b>I know who you refferring there Melisandre</b><p><b>Damnnn!</b><p><b>Dumbass</b><p><b>Viewership of Star Wars content rose in Pornhub. Well,</b> …

Murder Riddle: How did the girl who drank the most survived?

Two girls ate dinner together. They both ordered iced tea. One girl drank them very fast and had finished 5 in the time it took the other to drink …

Murder Riddle: Which room is the safest?

Site Comments (0)<p>Facebook Comments ()<p>Viewing Options:<p>Tags<p><b>There is nothing pure than the love for Pizza.</b><p><b>Starb*tch</b><p><b>Reality is much better than</b> …

40 famous people: Right Before They Died, They Had One Last Thing to Say. 1/2

When a celebrity dies, by sudden tragedy or through nature’s course, the public is commonly fascinated and demands to know every last detail. Here we …

Star Wars Millennium falcon

The story of Mr. Taco

They nailed it! almost.

What the flip...

I sure am not a morning Elephant.

<b>Grab that balls ! Pokemon</b><p><b>It's on internet, so 100% true</b><p><b>What if Pilots were addicted to pokemon go?</b><p><b>Someone sure does!</b><p><b>When you're a Barcelona fan, but</b> …

10 Beach Cities of the World that are Perfect summer Travel Destinations

<b>Girl Falls Asleep At University, and Internet reacts wildly with Photoshop skills</b><p><b>When you meet her dad for the first time!</b><p><b>Five years man, he waited</b> …

9 Dogs Caught Midsneeze

15 things to give up if you want to be happy

Proof That Nicki Minaj Has Had The Biggest Beauty Transformation In Hollywood

In joining in the great tradition of chameleon artists before her, the Trinidad native changes her look as rapidly as she spits rhymes. Click to see …

When cat and dog gets married, this is what it's look like

Some memes i tell you.

Shit! I'm suffocating now.